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Tactical pen reviews


About a year ago we got a sample of, and reviewed the Ultimate Clicky Pen by Tuff-Writer, and due to popular demand, and its success, the folks at Tuff-Writer decided to make a new version -the TITANIUM Ultimate Clicky Pen.  Please note that this is a review of a pre-production prototype of the Titanium Ultimate Clicky pen sent to us by Jack from Tuff-Writer…so a big thanks to Jack for letting us test drive this new version of the Ultimate Clicky Pen. … [Read more…]


This is the second tactical pen we have reviewed here, it is the Tuff-Writer Frontline Full Length Sanitized Tactical Pen.  Thats a mouthful, huh?  If you missed the other tactical pen we reviewed, it was the Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen. … [Read more…]


I’ve had my eye on a few different tactical pens for a while, and they are all very interesting but with quite a few differences between the features they offer.  Recently I came across this Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen, and it was the first tactical fountain pen I had ever seen, so I immediately contacted the manufacturer and they sent me this sample model to review free of charge, so a big thanks to the folks at Taylor Brands for making this review … [Read more…]

Last updated by Brian Greene at December 11, 2013.


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