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Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker Pens

We were recently the lucky recipients of a great Tactile Turn Mover (there is also a “Shaker”) pen from Will Hodges.  His project is currently on Kickstarter with 7 days to go, and is almost at its funding goal.  If you haven’t already seen the great reviews of this pen from The Clicky Post, EdJelley, and The Pen Addict, you should go check them out because they really covered everything about this awesome precisely machined pen.


Tactile Turn Mover Aluminum Pen Grip Section

I was both surprised and impressed by the grip section on the Tactile Turn Mover pen.  It’s basically a horizontal set of grooved lines that go up about an inch from the tip.  The ridges are so fine but also just super smooth and comfortable while providing a solid amount of friction so you can get a great grip without exerting much pressure at all.


Tactile Turn Mover Aluminum Pen Clip

One part of this pen that shows Will’s attention to detail can be found in the clip and how its assembled.  The solid metal clip is secured  by being slightly sunken into the top and nestled between a slot that is perfectly sized for it.  Once settled there, it is held in by the plunger that you will see a little further down.  Its amazing how tight and perfectly all of the individual parts of this pen fit together.  The clip, the plunger, and the body where it screws together couldn’t fit together more perfectly.


Tactile Turn Mover Aluminum Pen with Pilot Precise V5 Refill Modification

Although I love the Tactile Turn Mover, I do quite dislike the Pilot G2 refill that it came with, but thats an easy fix since it can take a bunch of different refills. Here is a close up look at the plunger so you can see how I modified the Mover to take my my favorite refill, the Pilot Precise V5.   Just by coincidence, the Pilot Precise refills have a small gap in the top that the plunger fits perfectly inside of, making it just a shade too short to function properly.  Luckily we probably all have the perfect solution on hand to make this refill fit perfectly with the Tactile Turn Mover.  That simple solution is the ink cartridge from any cheap ballpoint refill.  I simply cut a small empty tip off the end of the ballpoint refill and it slid right into the top of the Pilot Precise V5 refill.  This gave the plunger a place to hit instead of slipping inside the empty spot on top.  It seems appropriate that a precisely machined pen would have such a perfect hack like this.  Check out the Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker project on Kickstarter, its definitely worth of the support of anyone that enjoys their pens, or just likes ridiculously precisely machined and high quality products.

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