RedLine’s 10 Most Popular Posts for 2013


Here they are, folks: RedLine’s 10 most popular posts for 2013. We ranked the following posts according to unique page views between January 1 and December 9 of this year. This means that some of the posts are from 2012 but are still generating significant traffic. Why the recap? Simple. You get a chance to […]

Other names for assault rifles disguise what they are

The AR-15, the type of gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting, comes in many sizes and with many options.

Other names for assault rifles Are there other names for assault rifles besides assault rifles? In the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, talk shows are devoting significant airtime to discussions on guns. Are American gun-control laws too lax? Do we have a culture that glorifies violence? Are there certain weapons that should […]