Client profile: Redi-Rock


What is Redi-Rock? Based in Charlevoix, Michigan, Redi-Rock makes retaining wall systems that support roads, protect against erosion and flooding, and create space in backyards. The company uses large blocks, some weighing over two tons, to create immovable walls for structural and aesthetic needs. Redi-Rock began in 1999, when three brothers who owned a heavy […]

French technical translation services


RedLine offers French technical translation services. We translate from or into French (both Canadian and European variants). French technical translation requires excellent subject-matter expertise. RedLine has it. Generally speaking, a text is technical if it requires a command of specialized vocabulary. A translation in the fields of engineering, architecture, machinery, and information technology would meet […]

Text expansion in translation: English to French

text expansion in translation

Text expansion in translation: What is it? Text expansion in translation occurs when the target text has more words than the source. It frequently occurs when translating from English into French. Of course, text expansion in translation can occur with other language pairs, too. So why does a translated text “expand”? The simple answer is […]