Client profile: iskn

What is iskn? Iskn is a tech company based in Grenoble, France. In the company’s own words, “We’re a group of engineers, designers, and free spirits who love creating beautiful tools and experiences for artists, visual thinkers, and pen and paper lovers everywhere.” Maker of the Slate, iskn is a tech company based in France. […]

Will machine translation replace human translators?

will machine translation replace human translators

Q: Will machine translation replace human translators?   A: No—at least not in this lifetime. The question Will machine translation replace human translators? may strike fear into the hearts of those in the profession. But translators shouldn’t worry. Machine translation will not replace skilled human translators anytime soon, if ever. Why? Because as translators know, […]

The Endangered Languages Project

What is the Endangered Languages Project? Approximately half of the world’s estimated 7,000 languages may disappear from the planet in the next 100 years. The Endangered Languages Project, an effort spearheaded by Google and the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity to document languages at risk of extinction, seeks to document the vitality of these languages. The online resource is […]

Microsoft introducing a “Universal Translator”

Microsoft has developed a technology capable of converting the speaker’s voice into any one of 26 supported languages, apparently in something close to real time. The device preserves the speaker’s accent, vocal timbre, and intonation. Beyond the obvious military applications mentioned in the article are the potential uses in the business world. While it remains […]