Translation company brochure

translation company brochure

The message matters, as we like to say at RedLine. That’s true for foreign languages as well. In fact, it may be especially so if we’re talking about Fortune 500 firms. According to research firm Common Sense Advisory, Fortune 500 companies that “augmented their translation budget were 1.5 times more likely than their Fortune 500 […]

The Speech Accent Archive

Speech Accent Archive Africa

What is the Speech Accent Archive? The Speech Accent Archive is the brainchild of Steven Weinberger, a linguist at George Mason University. Weinberger, his researchers, and scores of volunteers have created an online archive of different accents of English speakers. Each volunteer reads the same elicitation paragraph, a four-sentence, 69-word text that “contains most of […]

Audio translation services save clients money

The source used in audio translation services can be an audio or video file.

Audio translation services What are audio translation services? Simple. The source for an audio translation is a sound file. For example, a client might send an .mp3 file in French to an audio translation services provider. Then the vendor produces an English document from it. By contrast, the source for a “regular” translation is a […]

The limitations of Vonage’s voicemail transcription service

Vonage, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider, offers a free transcription service to its customers. Subscribers can sign up for free email delivery to receive text versions of callers’ voicemail messages. I have been using Vonage for over seven years, mainly because it offers very affordable rates on long-distance calling when I want the […]