Survey translation services

Survey translation services: The challenge Good survey translation services help you reach your target audience. Without having your survey translated well, you put your data at risk. After all, if the questions are inaccurately translated, what good are the answers? You might be asking the wrong questions. Questions to ask before purchasing survey translation services […]

RedLine welcomes new project manager

Emily Smith

In June 2015, RedLine hired Emily Smith as a project manager. A native of New Mexico, Emily has a multicultural background and training in French-to-English translation. Both of these attributes, along with excellent writing and speaking skills in two languages, made her the ideal RedLine candidate. Emily Smith, RedLine’s new project manager   When asked […]

Translation company brochure

translation company brochure

The message matters, as we like to say at RedLine. That’s true for foreign languages as well. In fact, it may be especially so if we’re talking about Fortune 500 firms. According to research firm Common Sense Advisory, Fortune 500 companies that “augmented their translation budget were 1.5 times more likely than their Fortune 500 […]

RedLine celebrates first three years in business

three years in business

RedLine: Our first three years in business April 6 marked RedLine’s third anniversary. As the company celebrates its first three years in business, I’m reminded of the high failure rate for new companies. Approximately 45% of all new companies fail before their third anniversary.† But thanks to our clients, translators, editors, and designers, we’re alive […]

North Koreans love Gone with the Wind

north koreans love gone with the wind

Why do North Koreans love Gone with the Wind? North Koreans love Gone with the Wind. So writes AP reporter Tim Sullivan in the October 2013 issue of National Geographic. The full article is a fascinating read. You already know that North Korea is a dictatorship. But you probably didn’t know that North Koreans love […]

The Talmud translated into Arabic

Until recently, the Talmud, one of the central texts of Rabbinic Judaism, had been written in a blend of Hebrew and Aramaic. But Jordan’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies decided to embark on a massive project to translate the text into Arabic, an effort that took six years. The 20 volumes of the translated text […]

Audio translation services save clients money

The source used in audio translation services can be an audio or video file.

Audio translation services What are audio translation services? Simple. The source for an audio translation is a sound file. For example, a client might send an .mp3 file in French to an audio translation services provider. Then the vendor produces an English document from it. By contrast, the source for a “regular” translation is a […]

Recent projects

Writing: item writing for Michigan State project test development work on two separate language proficiency exams RedLine white paper on writing effective web copy Editing: In mid-March, we offered live editing support to a French journalist covering the White House meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron. It was a short but […]

Microsoft introducing a “Universal Translator”

Microsoft has developed a technology capable of converting the speaker’s voice into any one of 26 supported languages, apparently in something close to real time. The device preserves the speaker’s accent, vocal timbre, and intonation. Beyond the obvious military applications mentioned in the article are the potential uses in the business world. While it remains […]

Translating the entire Internet…for free

Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University is leading a project called Duolingo, an incredibly innovative approach designed to capitalize on the time that people spend typing in Captcha strings on the Internet. While questions remain about implementation, the idea deserves attention:     Matthew Kushinka is the founder and principal of RedLine Language Services […]