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Take Care of Business Paper Mousepad 2010 Calendar


The Paper Mousepad 2010 Calendar by Knock Knock

As I mentioned in my last review, I wanted to take a look at a few calendars and planners since we are coming up on the end of 2009.  The people from Knock Knock were nice enough to send over this combination mousepad calendar for me to check out and share with you.


Blank page of the Knock Knock Paper Mousepad Calendar

I’ve been going sans mousepad for a while now because I recently switched from a trackball to a regular optical mouse, so the timing of this combination mousepad calendar couldn’t have been better.  When I peeled off the plastic shrink-wrap that covered the mousepad calendar, I was surprised by the quality of the paper.  I was mostly expecting some average at best paper, but it turns out that the paper was actually quite thick, which made me think Id be good to go with just about any pen I wanted.  In addition to having some nice quality paper, the mousepad calendar also has not one, but two bound edges, one on the top and one on the left side.  Each of these two edges are held together with clear glue, and having that extra bound edge on the left seems as if its helpful in avoiding a situation where the mouse catches  and pulls up the edge if you go slightly over the side with the mouse.


The Take Care of Business Paper Mousepad 2010 Calendar with Mouse

The 9 1/2″ x 8″ layout of the mousepad calendar is pretty well done.  The layout has 5 columns for Monday through Friday from left to right, with a 6th column that is split in half for your weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Each of the 5 weekday columns are split horizontally with four different rows.  There is a row for “Top Priorities,” “Tasks,” “Correspondence,” and “Errands” and each row has 5 lines within it for tracking items within that category.  When you get to the 6th column that splits Saturday and Sunday, you have two different rows, one for Top Priorities and one for your To Do items.  At the bottom of each page, you also have 5 lines that span horizontally across the whole mousepad for notes.  They really managed to carve up this mousepad into a very organized and still spacious layout to help manage your weekly tasks.


Writing sample on the Take Care of Business Paper Mousepad Calendar

In addition to being well-organized, I was very impressed once I started trying different pens on this paper.  As I mentioned before, the paper is quite thick, and heavy feeling when you touch it.  I tried a range of pens from gel, to ballpoint, to Sharpie pen, and even fountain pen, and every one of them wrote very well, and did not bleed, feather, or show through this paper.  Overall I am really impressed by the quality of this item, and I can certainly see how it would help someone keep more organized.  I know that I always find myself at my desk with a quick thought, idea or task that I need to document, and this combination mousepad calendar seems like the perfect tool for that.

One thing to note, I did not test this with a traditional mouse with a ball, but it works very nicely with my optical Logitech MX Revolution.  Unfortunately I tossed my old traditional mouse so I can’t test it, but the experience with my optical mouse was perfect on this paper mousepad.

Definitely consider adding this to your collection of home office supplies if you have not picked up a calendar for 2010 yet, because after my initial testing of this, Im really looking forward to having this at my desk for keeping track of my tasks and ideas that come up while Im working on the site.

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