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Take care your ring, and take care your love

  • By Mark Wolfe
  • Published 06/15/2011
  • Satire

Engagement diamond ring always means love, happiness, commitment and marriage, which is also sending out feelings of nobleness.Yes. For us, engagement diamond ring means a lot. People always say love needs caring and devotion. And let’s start with caring with engagement diamond ring.Keep your engagement diamond ring from bleach when you are doing daily housework. Because it not only will destroy diamond ring, but also cause mountings to fade. And even though diamond ring are indurate, it may be damaged because of hard bash along with stripe. So you have to get your diamond ring off when you wash dishes or do rough work. You’d better take it to the diamond factory for any damage.Besides all the above, there are usually three ways to keep your engagement diamond ring shining.

First, let the diamond ring take a bath of cleanser. Put

the diamond ring in the warm water with blending cleanser, and then wash the diamond ring lightly with small eraser. After that, take the diamond ring on the strainer and wash it with warm water. In the end, blot it up with fabric.Second, bathe with cold water. Add the same amount of clean water to half a cup of household Yamoniya water, and put the engagement diamond ring in it for 30 minutes. Then clean the mounted metal around the diamond ornaments lightly with small eraser. Shake it softly in the solution, take it out and blot it up with paper without washing.Third, go with fast bath. Buy a suite of diamond cleaner, and wash the diamond ring according the instruction. Of course above all, the most important thing we need to learn is love, the love and caring for what the engagement diamond ring stands for and what it really matters. We need to use our heart to take care of it and to learn from it. 



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