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Take DUI Charges Seriously

In Las Vegas, numerous people are arrested each day on Driving under the Influence (DUI) charges. However, many people cannot make out what is the cause behind such arrest. Las Vegas is a tourist paradise and people all over the world come to visit the place. Most of them are not aware of the laws of state. They can avoid harassments if they know few laws of Las Vegas. DUI is an important law and they must understand it.

DUI means using of drugs or alcohol to a point that mental and motor skills are inhibited. The substances that lead to DUI are

·         Illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana and others)

·         Prescribed drugs

·         Alcohol


Over the counter medicines

How a DUI case begins?

Usually a Dui case starts with police stopping a vehicle and asking the driver for sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests include walking on a straight line or standing in on leg. These tests are conducted to find out whether you have mental stability or not. There are also chemical tests to determine intoxication level in blood. Breath analyzer is most common test, blood and urine samples can also be collected for tests. However, these tests are not perfect and inaccurate results happens even it is administered properly.

Penalties for DUI

Police will suspend your driving license and may impound the vehicle if intoxication is suspected. You will get back your vehicle and license once suspension is over. If you are arrested for subsequent DUI charges, penalties can be worse than that. You must be prepared to face imprisonment and have to pay heavy fines. If there is any accident because of DUI, charges can be extremely serious. Moreover, any type of criminal charge affects personal life. It may ruin your educational or professional career. It can also affect your driving privileges.

Consult a Lawyer

If you somehow get involved in a DUI case, consult with one of the skilled Las Vegas criminal attorneys. A competent attorney may defend your case and will get you out of such allegation. He will try to stop your license from being suspended and then try to defend the criminal charges against you.

About the Author- Rob Baptist is a criminal attorney. He has experienced man DUI cases in his career. In her write-ups he has shared how an exciting travel plan is jeopardized with a DUI charge. Rob suggested that an individual should contact with experienced Las Vegas criminal attorneys if he or she gets involved n such a case.


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