Taking a Trip through Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania

Located high in northeastern Pennsylvania lays the Pocono Mountains. Also, located in these mountains is the town of Mount Pocono, where you and those you are with, will have plenty to activities to do, such as hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing and more! Now we will begin our tour with the top places to stay while in Mt. Pocono

Comfort Inn and Suites

The Comfort Inn and Suites Hotel, located near route 940, in Mt. Pocono, is one of the two top places for you to lay your head down at night. The hotel’s customer service and amenities is hospitable to satisfy any weary, adventurous traveler. Imagine you rent one of the hotel’s fine rooms or suites, kicking back to some good TV or a movie, while you are chatting on the phone with a friend or acquaintance and getting room and laundry service – a service that a hard-working and sightseeing man, woman, and child can enjoy.

Caesar’s Paradise Stream

If you and your hubby are looking for a romantic place to stay, while in Pocono, the Caesar’s Paradise Stream Hotel, a part of the Sheraton hotels, is the place for you both to be. The hotel is, also, located near Route 940 – close enough to the highway to drive you crazy! Well, the hotel offers you and your mate, some ‘private’ time together in some of the finest rooms money can buy!

Yes, you and your mate can take a stroll on the nearby Lake Eden, where you can hold hands and kiss each other constantly, followed by some erotic loving in your fabulous room or suite, followed by more loving. Ok, I will stop now, sine I am making you blush.

One more thing you should know about this fine hotel, since this is a ‘lovers’ hotel, kids of any age are not allowed to stay at this hotel.

Now, we will tour a few of the town’s eating places.

Amber Steak House

Located near Route 611, this eating place is one of the top restaurants in Mt. Pocono and is known for its good food and customer service. Yes, imagine that you are sitting down at a table, being greeted by a friendly waiter or waitress, who is serving you a big, juicy steak dinner, which your mouth and taste buds is waiting to dive into. This is followed by a nice glass or water, soda or beer. Man, this is some good stuff.

Bailey’s Lounge and Restaurant

Located on Pocono Boulevard, Bailey’s Lounge and Restaurant is another great place to eat and to kick back with a few beers or sodas. Just like the Amber Steak House, Bailey’s also whips up some good food. So, while at Bailey’s, have a drink or two and dig down to some lip-smacking food.

Paradise Gulf Family Fun Park

For a little bit of ‘family’ fun, this fun park is a good place to have a bit of fun, playing a round or two of miniature golf – the sport of accomplished and aspiring pro golfers! I am sorry, folks, it is just that there is not much to say about this golf course, since it is not a full one.

Well, that concludes our tour of Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania and if you ever drop by there, it is a nice and quiet place to visit or stay permanently. So, until next time and good luck!


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