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Taking care of Granite Countertops An Overview

Do you have granite countertops installed at your kitchen? You should make it a point to take care of them properly so that their durability and beauty can be retained. It is quite natural that the kitchen countertops will have oil-based and organic stains but you need to make sure that you clean them quickly. Delay in cleaning them can be difficult for you to remove the stains that get hard when left for a long time. The removal of stains from your granite countertops can be challenging in case you do not act immediately and also if you do not use the right cleaners.

Cleaning organic stains- organic stains like tea, coffee and soda can be removed easily by applying a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and whiting powder. The mixture should be thicker rather than being diluted. Rinse the stained surface of your granite countertop with plain water well so that there is no residue of liquid dirt and the mixture left.

Cleaning oil-based stains- you can make a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to remove the stains caused by oil and grease. You can also follow the process mentioned below to clean the oil-based stains from your granite kitchen countertops:

·         At first, you should damp the stained surface with distilled water.

·         Make a thick paste of one cup of flour and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Then, apply the mixture to the stained surface and cover the area with a plastic wrap. You can use a masking tape to seal the edges.

·         Leave the paste on the stain for at least twelve hours. The paste should get dry so that it can ably pull out the stain.

·         After twelve hours, you can remove the plastic wrap.

·         Dip a soft piece of cloth in distilled water to wipe the paste from the granite surface. Then, you can buff the surface dry with the help of a soft towel.

·         In case, the stain is still there, you can repeat the process. Hard stains need at least, four to five applications. Therefore, the process can be time-consuming and you require holding patience.

This is how you can easily remove oil-based stains from granite surfaces.

Do you have green granite countertops at your home? Green granite looks really elegant and can add a zing to your interior decoration. Purchase a good quality natural stone cleaner or you can also use a gentle liquid detergent. You can maintain the natural finish of the green granite with the help of the following steps:

·         Wipe the green granite surface with a soft cloth to remove the loose dust particles that can produce scratches on the surface.

·         Add a little bit of natural stone soap or mild liquid detergent in a bucket of warm water.

·         Wet an unabrasive sponge in the soapy water and squeeze out the excess water.

·         Wipe the green granite surface with the damp sponge.

·         After wiping, rinse the surface well with clean water.

·         Wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth.

Granite is the most beautiful and durable natural stone. Granite kitchen countertops, granite vanity tops and granite slab countertops help to add an elegant touch to your rooms. Therefore, you require taking care of them to maintain their aesthetic appeal and durability.

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Emily Smith is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. She has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In her recent articles on granite Calgary, she shares some useful advices on granite countertop maintenance. 

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