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Taking hermes bags during probation right or not?

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/29/2010
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The recent months have seen countless batches of students getting freed from schools and flocking into society. The joy of getting the freedom is soon replaced by the the nervous feeling about seeking jobs. The topic on how one should be dressed for an interview has been so hot, but now here I am going to talk about how to dress oneself as an probationary employee, since most of the students start their jobs with the probationary period.    Have you ever thought about whether a probationary employee should carry a Hermes Birkin bag to go to work?   Some people are totally against the idea and they argue that the branded bag will surely cause some trouble, because your superiors probably will not be happy about it. While some others think it is OK to take such a bag to go for work, because it is their own right and freedom to choose which bag to carry.    Every side seems to have their own solid reason. My opinion is that it depends on the purpose for which you are carrying the Gucci Birkin bag. If you are taking this bag just for showing off how trendy and how wealthy you are, you’d better give it up, otherwise you will get some problem. While if you take that bag to gain confidence, it can function pretty well.   As an versatile style, Hermes Birkin bags can go well with almost all outfits. Wearing one formal suit with one Hermes Birkin, no matter from temperament or the overall mix, you will look great. As a new comer in society, my greatest feeling is that confidence is so important to such graduates.   Some people do not care about how they look, but only care about the increasing number on the bank account. But they are wrong. Some surveys have shown the importance of appearance whenever you are in an interview or at work. It also has something to do with the face, height and stature, but when these natural condition can not be changed, we do something about out outfit. The ones in decent outfits tend to get the chance more easily. If everyday you dressed yourself to look beautiful and graceful, you are going to gain your confidence, which can let you perform better at work. And this is also true with which bag you choose to take. If you feel good going with a Gucci Birkin bag, then take it. Of course you have make sure that the bag goes well with what you are wearing, or it will crew things up. 



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