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Taking the Lynx Advert Literally

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 06/30/2012

Unless you’re the sort of person who watches a Lynx advert, and any other type of advertisement for that matter, and takes it on 100% face value, you will realise that only a basic suggestion is being communicated here. In other words, whilst the advert may be a bit extreme in stating that if you use their product you will have women falling at your feet, you need to put this into complete context.

The Lynx advert is merely doing what most other advertisements do nowadays. They are taking an idea and making it tongue-in-cheek. This is all meant to just be a bit of fun.

Like so many advertising campaigns, however, some might say that companies need to be much more careful these days. There probably are some people who take all adverts on face value, so is there the risk that they might look to pursue a case for false representation if they fail to achieve the same results as are communicated in the advert? This may sound completely extreme to you and I, but you never know with the way things are going in society today.

Many advertisers would stress that they are running out of ideas when it comes to coming up with new and completely unused advertising campaigns. Most of the best ideas have already been used at some point in the past, so this may very well help to explain why we are seeing the types of advertisements we are today.

As far as this Lynx campaign is concerned, yes they may be saying that women will be falling at your feet if use their product, but you need to see behind this message and realise that this only means that you will have far more success with the opposite sex if you smell nice and actually make an effort in the first instance.

This is certainly a little sexist (but then, adverts aimed at men do tend to be too cliché!) and alienates all of the gay men that may have been keen to use this product, but must of us are of a sufficient intellect to work out what they mean in the long run.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx advert



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