Tanning Beds for Beginners

Many people love to have a beautiful tan for the summer or for special events. You can have a tan anytime of the year even when it is not overly sunny by using a tanning bed. Do not think that a tanning bed is entirely safe in terms of Ultraviolet Rays. You still need to use caution when using tanning beds to protect your skin.

If you are new to the use of tanning beds, you will need to find somewhere to tan. Ask friends and relatives to suggest tanning salons for you. You do not want to end up using tanning beds that are not well kept, that are not clean and that are filled with germs. Visit a tanning bed location to see how clean it is before you even consider going for a tan.

Talk to the people at the tanning salon to help you prepare for your fist tan. The technology of the tanning beds can vary among tanning facilities. You can receive detailed directions on how to use the equipment in order to get a safe and effective tan. Ask any questions that you have before heading in to one of the tanning beds.

Try to use tanning beds that offer timers. This will make it possible for you to select the ideal time for your skin tone. A timer will remind you when the time is up so that you do not end up staying in the tanning bed too long. Yes, you can burn from a tanning bed just the same as you can burn from too much time in the sun. You do need to use caution to protect yourself from skin cancer and other skin ailments.
If you are new to tanning beds, you should limit the amount of time you spend tanning. The maximum amount of time that you should even spend in a tanning bed for ideal safety is twenty minutes. However, you should never spend this much time when you are first learning to use a tanning bed. At first, you should only tan for about 3 minutes per week. The next week, you can work up to five minutes. Tan for a few more minutes each week.

As your body becomes accustomed to the tanning beds, you can then go two times in a week. This will help you to reach and maintain your ideal tanned look. If you ever notice that your skin is burning, you are spending too much time in the tanning beds or using a tanning bed that is too powerful for you.

There are tanning beds that you lay down in and others that you can stand in. Most tanning beds offer music and other features to help you pass the time while you tan. A good tanning bed should have fans to help you stay cool. You will get a tan all the way around in a standing tanning bed, however you will probably find a tanning bed that you lay down in more relaxing.

You should wear goggles on your yes to protect your eyes while in the tanning bed. If your tanning salon does not provide these, you will want to take them with you. Use caution when spending time in tanning beds to help you get a safe tan.


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