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Target Each Article You Write to a Specific Person

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 07/17/2008
  • Article Writing

As an affiliate marketer you have to connect with your readers on a personal level. A reader who comes across your content on the web or in a newsletter wants to know you are talking to him or her directly. It’s not something they consciously think of when they approach an article, it’s just something they sub-consciously desire when they read an article. In other words, they know they want a connection without thinking about it, and know it when you aren’t connecting with them. Therefore, the key to connecting with your reader is to write an article as if you were talking to him or her one on one. The first thing you want to do is figure out who a specific topic is geared to so you can tailor your writing to them. Your affiliate product market may be a broad one. However, you articles will often only apply to a specific subset of your market. If your affiliate products are a line of vitamins and herbal supplements you may want to write an article for a sub-niche interested in Echinacea only. Every article you write for wide distribution on the web or in a newsletter does not have to speak to your entire target market. Being a successful affiliate marketer means knowing who to talk to and how to talk to them. That’s what’s great about article writing. You can come up with a myriad of article topics by looking at sub-groups within your niche and subgroups within your product lines. That Echinacea article may speak to those of your niche who are solely interested in herbal supplements with purported abilities to enhance the immune system. Others who are part of your vitamin and herbal supplements niche may not be interested in this article topic. That’s okay; you have lots of other vitamin and herbal supplement articles waiting in the wings to fulfill their desires for useful information. Right now you want to connect with the reader who desires an article on the possible immune-boosting properties of Echinacea.

Now that you know what your topic is and who exactly in your niche you are writing it for, you have to make sure the connection happens. You make sure it does by answering questions in the article that you know the reader

is likely to ask. Your Echinacea article must have answers to questions like “What do studies show about this plants health- giving properties?” and “What standards, if any, are in place to ensure consistent potency of store bought Echinacea?”. These are things your reader may want to know when it comes to hunkering down with your article. You have to speak to this person directly and answer his or her questions. You have to talk to this reader as if he or she were sitting with you over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table. That’s how a connection on a personal level will form with this person. When you understand your affiliate products and all their features you can provide information in your articles that are answers waiting for questions. These questions will come in the form of web searches by those of your niche market seeking information. Your article has to talk to them directly. Your article has to be the person sitting across from the reader at the kitchen table. That person is asking questions and as they read your article is supplying answers and doing it in a way that they feel you prepared the answers specifically for them. That’s when this person will think, sub-consciously, “Yes, this writer understands me. This writer gets it!” There you go, you’ve made a connection. That reader will feel they are engaged in a dialogue with you on a personal level and will begin to trust you. This reader will trust doing more research about the topic, and will trust linking back to your website to do so. They will also develop trust in your affiliate product based on a well-written article that speaks to them directly. An article that makes a reader think you wrote it specifically for them so-to-speak is one that will encourage click backs and increase your affiliate sales.

Make that next article you write one that targets a specific sub-niche and write it to appeal to an individual within that sub-niche. Do that for every specific article topic you write about. Write the article as a letter to one person who needs your information tailored for them. You will come across as someone they can relate to. You will come across as someone interested in their need for quality information. You will certainly connect with them on a personal level when you target your articles in this manner.



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