Tattoo Placement For Girls

Over the years, the practice of women and girls getting tattoos has become much more widely accepted than in the past. Before, ladies who got inked were subject to gossip about their morals. Though a number of women, including celebrities and the wealthy, are getting tattoos, tattoo placement for girls still remains an important issue. However, at the end of the day, the only person whose opinion you should care about regarding your body art is your own.

The ankle is a popular place to get a tattoo, and is less subject to getting naturally altered by age, weight loss, or weight gain. Because of the size of the ankle, this kind of tattoo placement for girls is especially good for professional women. It can easily be covered up by a sock or stocking, and does not scream to the world that you have a tattoo. Stars, hearts, initials, and small animals are popular ankle designs. Some hardcore tattoo enthusiasts say this invalidates the self-expression aspect of body art, but it can be a tame way for an ambivalent beginner to enter the inking world.

Another popular area of tattoo placement for girls is the lower back, also known as the “tramp stamp.” The negative connotation does not seem to be going away anytime soon, but in recent years the numbers of girls and women getting this kind of body art has skyrocketed. This is a brave statement for unconventional ladies who just do not care what other people think. This could be one of the most painful tattoos to get. Some women have compared it to a cat scratch, while others said having needles near their spine was freaky. Nevertheless, lower back tattoos are the way to go for a number of body art enthusiasts.

Less talked about but still common in tattoo placement for girls is getting body art on the breast. Those who opt to get ink on or near their breasts are usually brave, take things to heart, and have a serious commitment to what message they wish to convey. This is a pretty private tattoo unless the woman likes going out of public topless and braless, but nevertheless remains very special to the wearer.

An even quieter and more private aspect of tattoo placement for girls is getting inked in the groin area. This is about the most personal tattoo there is, because not even the bravest of ladies tends to be showing their personal regions around their community.

Getting tattoos on the neck is still popular, but considered risky and even trashy by even the most open-minded people. Covering up this kind of ink is virtually impossible, and could get you excluded from a number of jobs dealing with the public. For those who are rock stars, or just want to look like one, body art on the neck such as roses is still popular among the brave and daring.

No matter what area of tattoo placement for girls you want, there are a number of inking options for any body part, professional, and personality. Enjoy your body art.


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