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Technical Difficulties, PacMan, and What You Might Be Missing in the Newsletter


Special Edition Pac-Man Moleskine

I’ve run into some technical difficulties with the post that was scheduled for this morning, but I wanted to at least get something up for those of you who loyally come here every day.  For those of you not signed up for the Office Supply Geek newsletter, this post will give you a little insight into what you are missing by not signing up.  The first item you see up there that I shared in this past Sunday’s newsletter is a special limited edition Pac-Man Moleskine notebook.  If this thing doesn’t scream office supply geek, then I don’t know what does.


Whiteboard and Chalkboard on a Roll? Yup, its called Magic Whiteboard.

Another cool item shared in this week’s newsletter was the Magic Whiteboard and Magic Chalkboard.  It is basically chalkboard and whiteboard on a roll.  You can find the line of Magic Chalkboard and Whiteboard here, but the company appears to be based in the UK.  I’ve reached out to them to find out more, and to see if I can get  my hands on some samples to review though, so keep an eye out for more on them here.


Das Keyboard – All Black Keyboard

This item comes from my newsletter a few weeks back.  In the past I’ve mentioned that I love all black stuff, like some of my Jetstream Pens and my Invincia Stealth Fountain Pen, so when I saw this all black keyboard called simply “Das Keyboard” I was so tempted to buy it, but now it is no longer available from Amazon, so who knows.   When I say its all black, I really mean it, there arent even letters, numbers, or characters on the keys!  It wasn’t exactly cheap anyway, so maybe they did me a favor by selling out of it.  I’ve also shared some insight on things to come like the “Whats on Their Desk” series where I interview prominent players in the office supply industry to see what cool office supply products they rely on to get the job done at their desk.

Monthly Giveaway Package

And finally, there are Giveaways, in addition to the lovely package of cool office supplies pictured above that I give away monthly only to one of my newsletter subscribers, I also have other contests that I share with newsletter subscribers that don’t get shared on the site.  So thats just a highlight of some of the stuff you are missing if you dont sign up for the newsletter.

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I sort out this technical glitch, and hopefully on Friday I’ll be back to share the regularly scheduled post that should have appeared today.

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