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Technical Pen and Drafting Scale The Apollo

The Apollo in Black

I’ve been a little burned out by new pens on Kickstarter lately, but when I was contacted by the folks running the Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale project on Kickstarter that changed.  I don’t have an official review sample yet, but after talking to the project team they promised to send one over once they have production samples ready.  For now lets take a quick look at what makes this such an awesome Technical Pen project.

For starters, one of the most awesome things about this technical pen is the list that you are looking at above. Those are all of the refills that the pen is currently known to accept. This is a pretty impressive list and I’m curious to see how tight some of these fit in the pen.  Some past Kickstarter projects for pens with multiple refills tend to not fit the refills perfectly.  This can result in some annoying knocks and rattles.

The The Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale that Holds 3 Pens

The other noticeably cool feature is that the drafting scale is actually designed to hold three pens in it.  The triangular top rotates to three points allowing a pen to be removed in each spot.  You will also notice that each pen has a colored ring at the top of the grip section to help easily identify it.

Only having seen pictures and video, and having read the Kickstarter project description, I’m pretty impressed by this pen.  I cant wait to get my hands on the Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale to really test it out and share the results here.  In the mean time, if you find this pen project to be as cool as I do, head on over to Kickstarter and fund it yourself.

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