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Techniques For Easy Article Submission

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/31/2009
  • Article Writing

The article directory represents a valuable destination for providing information to users about your expertise as well as the potential for marketing your business. Article submission to these directories, however comes with certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to, in order to have your article published. The content of your article for article submission purposes should not look like a spam email or ‘brochure’ but rather information that is useful and insightful for the reader. Your company many be a provider to the sport of golf, for instance, and you wish to increase the traffic or awareness of your website. In this instance you might consider writing on improving your golf game for the article submission. In this process you can add value to the reader about basics techniques in golf that they can employ to improve their game. Only at the end, in the resource box should you market your company and provide the reader with the HTML links to your site.

By providing useful content in your article, the chances are that your article submission will be much easier and with fewer rejections by the editors of the directory. In this article submission process you will also be grabbing the attention of avid golfers and by providing valuable insight to the reader; they will most likely click through to your website instead of

thinking of the article as a spamming exercise. Therefore the key here is the content of the article. Hate speech, albeit in terms of racial, sexual or whatever discrimination is a definite point to avoid. Naturally the article directories do not want to be associated with such discriminatory practices. In our example of golf, one would steer clear of expressing your opinion on the differences between male and female golfers. Punctuation and grammar is a vital aspect if you want your readers to read the article more easily and properly. This issue may have a bearing on the credibility of your company, as a poorly written article will reflect the time and money invested in the article submission and writing process which might make the reader wonder if the company is worth doing business with or not. Certain directories, due to the fact that they are automated, also require that the so called curly quotes in word processing programs be disable as this creates a problem with the HTML once the article is published.

These are just a few of the techniques and issues that are pertinent to the article submission and writing process. It becomes easier with time and once you get used to it, it really becomes easy and effective. Always remember to double or even triple check your article after writing, prior to the article submission, as you will be able to pick up any potential mistakes that you may have missed during the writing process.


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