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Tell Story Through Webpages

Meaningful web design is one that can convey a story. For creating such a web deign a designer in Jersey has to understand the cues, extra details and the messages. Storytelling is an efficient way to process, organize and share information. It helps to understand any settings and make emotional connections to people, experiences and places. Advantages of approaching a web design process with storytelling  in mind is that users can quickly understand the meaning of any site.

Web users are always enabled to read between lines, signs, association between colours and typefaces. Thus, designing has a great impact. First of all it is better to analyse what you want to say and to whom you want to communicate it. Based on this information gathered, it will be easier for you to find out how to present your message.

How to begin with the process of web designing?

Researching is an essential tool of web designing. For suitable designing it is essential to make conscious decisions. The aim of a designer should be to communicate a meaningful story through designs.

To tell a story through design it is essential to break it into several aspects. Each component has to be meaningful and must be a complete story in itself. When an entire designing process is complete and all these aspects are joined together it must convey a different story altogether. These components are colors, typefaces, symbols, tone of voice and branding. A designer has to select and synchronise them in such fashion that they convey a meaning that is easy to extract and share.

How to select colors?

Every color has its specific meaning. A designer has to be very cautious while selecting colors of fonts or background. Red represents emotions like love while the same red color can signify war. Usually green connects with everything environmental and purple is associated with anything majestic or royal. This knowledge of colors develop an expectation among users.

Usually people will expect a site related to love will be red and those related to kids will be of bright color. Colors are the most essential and fascinating way to tell a story through your website. It is only necessary to see that the colors and symbols that are used are not conflicting and the entire layout convey the same meaning.

Which typefaces can be used?

Type faces are also able to tell stories. Each of these typefaces connotes different values. Serif fonts are attached with tradition and are used for more formal reasons. On the other hand Sans Serif fonts are used for informal and friendly purposes. Users are already familiar with this association. Thus, a designer has to research and find out a suitable typeface for the copy. If the typeface is not proper, the entire attempt of a designer to tell story through the web page will not be possible.

There are various other factors that need to be considered during web development in Jersey. All of these factors are dependent on research. If you fail to understand your audience it will be impossible to design a story.

Author Bio

Jaylon Owen is a web designer by profession and a freelance writer by passion. He spends most of his time researching  new themes and templates. Jaylon also takes interest in creative writing and photo editing.  Currently he is covering news on the latest trends of web design in Jersey .

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