Tempur Pedic Mattresses Review


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Furniture
Published on 12-24-2009

A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing to enjoy but not always easy to obtain. The drive to find a firm but comfortable sleeping surface has led to the development of the “memory foam” mattress system. The memory foam is designed to conform to the body’s contours and absorb any movement through it. Of the several brands of mattress made with this foam, the Tempur Pedic mattress is the best known – and most expensive.

As with any product designed for such intimate use, any opinions on its qualities, both good and bad, are at best subjective and dependent on each person’s personal preferences. There are some basic facts that can give one an idea of what to expect from the Tempur Pedic mattress.

On the plus side, the Tempur Pedic mattress does give good support for most people who have used them and the memory foam does conform quite well to the body. The foam in the Tempur Pedic mattress does isolate and absorb motion. Many people have tried the trick in the popular ad where a glass of liquid is set on one side and a person jumps up and down on the Tempur Pedic mattress. The glass will not spill. The Tempur Pedic mattress is much more durable and long lasting than even the best innerspring mattresses.

The feel of the Tempur Pedic mattress is quite different from other mattresses and does take a bit of getting used to. It has been described as almost feeling like laying on nothing. This works well for most people and the company reports there is only about a 10% return rate on Tempur Pedic mattresses sold under the 90 day trial period guarantee.

There are some problems with the Tempur Pedic mattresses. Some people find the memory foam surface too hard. Some people with medical conditions like fibromyalgia find the Tempur Pedic mattresses contouring feature actually more painful than a regular mattress as they have more difficulty moving out of the dip that has formed around them. Heavy people have also complained of this problem with the Tempur Pedic mattresses.

There is no real airflow in the foam; it does not “breathe” so body heat builds up in the material. It is heat that allows the foam to sink in and conform to your body contours. This is a mixed blessing as the heat does not transfer away and after a while it becomes so great it can make the material overly “squashy” and uncomfortably hot for some people. The Tempur Pedic mattresses are also thicker than innerspring mattresses and it is harder to find well fitting sheets. The slick cashmere covering has also been reported to make it hard to keep the sheets from pulling loose.

As with any such personal item, it is best to try it out before investing such a large amount of money. For most people, they find the comfort of the Tempur Pedic mattress well worth the several thousand of dollars it will cost to obtain it. The factory direct 90 day guarantee is the best way to find out if you are among the ninety percent who find they sleep better than ever on a memory foam Tempur Pedic mattress.


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