Ten Bad Dating Habits for Men

Some men, and you know who you are, have some particularly bad habits when it comes to dating. While this isn’t a catch-all list, there are some big mistakes that men can make when it comes to their love life. Take some notes, and be honest with yourself if you see something that you may not want to admit to.

One of the biggest bad dating habits is discussing past relationships. Don’t talk about your exes. It’s extremely tempting sometimes, especially if you have a girl who wants to know. It’s a bad idea to discuss something that was that important to you during the dating phase… if she’s the right girl, then she’ll be around long enough for you to get there.

Number two, and one that’s sadly common, are men who don’t bother getting dressed up for a date. Now don’t get me wrong, not every occasion calls for a suit and tie, but if you’re going out to dinner with someone take a shower, put on a presentable shirt, wear a belt, and find a decent pair of shoes. If any part of your outfit is torn up, doubles as pajamas, or has what you think is a really clever saying on it, chances are it should stay home. This is true no matter how long you’ve been dating someone, guys.

A third bad habit that many men get trapped in goes along with the second… too much scent. When you put on aftershave or cologne, you’re masking your own, natural pheromones. Beyond that though, if your date can’t breathe, then how is she going to kiss you? As a rule leave any scent off, but if you feel you have to make it subtle. Very subtle.

Another bad habit that men especially get caught up in is letting their biology call the shots. There’s nothing wrong with chasing beautiful women guys, but if that’s the only reason your chasing them there won’t be anything else once your physical needs are fulfilled. For all the talk, guys need more than a good roll in the hay, and they should try and keep that in mind a little more often when they’re interviewing potential candidates over dinner and a movie.

Number five, which is a flaw that most guys will deny, is talking too much about themselves. It’s very easy to take a simple question and go on about it for a long time. However, if all you’re telling your date is how great you are, and about everything you’ve done, then they’re not going to feel like they’re a part of the date anymore. They’re going to feel like an audience, or a sounding board for your ego. Let your date talk, and ask her some questions about herself. She’ll know your interested then.

Quite possibly one of the biggest complaints that women have about men is their ability to communicate. Some men can be very articulate, and they can make themselves understood very well… but men are not taught to communicate emotionally like women are. Being open and honest about your wants, needs, and intentions can save a lot of trouble and guesswork for the women. But, most importantly, ask your date what they’d like from you if it’s gotten to that stage.

The seventh bad habit on this list involves taking women for granted. Whether it’s because of the guy’s huge ego or because he’s been dating a woman for a while doesn’t matter. Good signs for this are guys forgetting or re-scheduling things, begging off on personal time, and no longer being as presentable as they once were. If you take a woman for granted guys, she’ll eventually leave.

The eighth bad habit for guys is a bit of a double edged sword. This is when guys either want to move too fast, or too slow through a relationship. Moving too fast can make you look desperate or rash, because while every woman wants to believe in love at first sight, there comes a point that it gets ridiculous. Moving too slow however can make a man look indecisive or weak, neither of which are qualities that women find endearing. Once again communication can stop this bad habit cold, but it requires both parties to be willing to talk about where they’re going.

Number nine on the list is one that’s sometimes hard to tell, so be honest with yourselves guys. This one is about men who tend to stalk their dates. Now that term can mean different things to different people. Maybe showing up where your date works unexpectedly just to say hi is sweet every now and again. If you’re doing it every day though… chances are it might get creepy. If you’re not sure what the limits are then ask. If you want to keep some of the surprise, then phrase your question as a hypothetical situation and see what she thinks. If she gets creeped out, it’s time for a new game plan.

And lastly, number ten is a big one… variety. Some guys can get into a rut, always going to the movies or to the same club every time they go out. Spice things up. Have a movie night in, go for a walk in the park, or plan a trip for the weekend with your girl. Variety is the spice of life, and it stops the relationship from getting stuck in a rut.


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