Ten Best Palm Pre Apps

The iPhone isn’t the only platform with great mobile apps. Here’s a look at a few of the Palm Pre’s best additional programs.

10. Mobile by Citysearch – This great app allows a sort of points-of-interest feature to complement your Palm Pre’s built in GPS. As you’re traveling, you can use the app to easily find theaters, restaurants, and more. Each is rated, and you can easily find directions and phone numbers for each location. You can even leave your own ratings. An ideal Palm Pre app for anyone who travels.

9. Tweed – Tweed shows up on a lot of lists as one of the best Palm Pre apps. However, you’re only going to love it if you’re a big Twitter fan. The simple app allows you to update your Twitter and follow your feeds on the road. Other than that, there isn’t much. Still, it’s a great app for the Tweeters among us.

8. Fandango – If you watch a lot of movies, check out the free Fandango app. It helps you find movies in your local listings and buy tickets early to avoid getting to a sold-out show just a bit too late. You can also view movie trailers, which can be helpful if you don’t know exactly what you want to see.

7. APNews – The best way to view news on the go on your Palm Pre. Feeds are picked up directly from the Associated Press wire. You can customize a bit to see the news you want, too.

6. Accuweather – As the name implies, this app finds the weather for your area. The presentation is very good, and it’s extremely accurate. You can also look up the weather for other areas. Another app that’s great for frequent travelers.

5. Shortcovers – This app allows you to download thousands of books. The books cost money, but the app’s free. It takes some getting used to, but it’s certainly possible to have a good reading experience on the Palm Pre.

4. GoPayment – If you need a fast way to handle transactions on the road, GoPayment has you covered. It allows the ability to charge a credit card directly through your Palm Pre. It is a bit pricey, though, at $20 a month plus transaction fees. Still, traveling businesspeople will find it to be a lifesaver.

3. Pandora – There’s probably not a better music app for the Palm Pre than Pandora. This app, based on the popular website, streams Internet radio to your Palm Pre. You pick an artist that you like, and rate each subsequent song that comes up. It’s an incredible way to find out about new music. It’s also a great app if you love music, but don’t have a lot loaded onto your Palm. The streaming nature of this app means that you don’t need a lot of extra space to run it.

2. PocketMirror – Business users will appreciate this app. It lets you sync your Outlook calendar and contacts over your WiFi connection. A great, fast way to integrate your Palm Pre with the rest of your office.

1. ConnectFour – What’s better than this classic game? How about the classic game with added online multiplayer? A great, fun, simple app to check out–every Palm Pre should have at least a few games installed.

What are your favorite Palm Pre apps? Post in the comments section below.


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