Ten Deadly Animals In Africa

First, let me be clear that Africa is a very large continent that is full of deadly animal contenders. There are a number of deadly animals that are sure to be passed over on this list. This list is not meant to be scientific and does not refer to any extensive studies. It is simply ten deadly animals in Africa that one must be aware of if they travel in the region.

Rhinoceros – The rhino is certainly a contender among Africa’s deadliest animals if for no other reason than their aggressive disposition, and massive size. The rhino is a massive land animal that is known for a huge horn that protrudes from their snout. They are not shy about using this snout, and humans should never get close to these powerful giants.

Crocodile – The crocodile is well known throughout the world as an apex predator that will take and eat anything that ventures close enough to grab. That said, the crocodile’s of Africa are deadly animals of the highest order. They are one of the few animals (reptiles) that will actively stalk, hunt, and devour a human as a food source when the opportunity arises.

Hippo – The hippo is an odd addition to the list, but a very accurate one. The picture of the friendly hippos that we were raised with in the cartoons are not the same hippos that stalk the rivers of Africa. Hippos are actually highly territorial and very aggressive. They will kill a human with no second thought, and do so at a higher rate than most any deadly animal in Africa.

Lion – Who among us has not thought of the awesome power of the mighty lion? We are always cognizant of the fact that the lion is an apex predator with only one real threat. Ironically, we humans are that only threat. The lion is the king not only of the jungle, but of the African plains as well.

Cape Buffalo – The Cape Buffalo is another entry onto this list of deadly animals in Africa that many may not know of. The Cape Buffalo is huge and unpredictable and kills many people in Africa annually. This huge mammal has been known to put up a heck of a fight even against a pride of lions. What chance would we have against them?

Elephant – Elephants in the wild are not the gentle creatures that we see in the circus. Elephants are very aggressive, fast and deadly. They can kill a human with any number of dangerous factors. Tusks, and sheer weight and mass are the most common ways. Elephants must be given a very wide berth.

Black Mamba – Any number of deadly snakes in Africa could certainly make this list, but the famous black mamba is the most intriguing. This snake is among the fastest in all the world, and it’s bite is also one of the most deadly. If bitten, and no medical care is given, you will most likely die very quickly.

Leopard – The leopard is another of the apex predators in Africa that is capable of killing a human without a second thought. The leopard is also among the strongest of all the big cats. It can haul a carcass three times it’s own body weight up a tree with no problem whatsoever. They often do this so they can feed in peace without being bothered by lions and hyenas.

Hyena – The hyena is the one animal in Africa that gets little mention on lists like these, unless the list is written by a person in Africa. African men and women know all about the hyena and the deadly dangers that they present. A hyena has the strongest bite pressure of them all, and can literally eat every last bit of the meal, including bones and teeth.

Mosquito – Though technically an insect, a mosquito is responsible by far for the most deaths in Africa among the animals. Malaria, and other deadly diseases are spread quickly and fatally when proper protection is not provided. It is ironic that the smallest creature on the list is truly the most dangerous when it comes to deaths.


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