Ten Romantic Movies from 2008

The previous year at the Cineplex was a good one for romantics of all ages. It featured a range of films from animation to comedy to drama to even horror that celebrated the many facets of love…truly a year where the heart ruled the box office. Here are ten flicks to watch out for if you’re in the mood for romance (in no particular order).

27 Dresses

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…an old saying that hits particularly close to home for Jane (Katherine Heigl), a 27-time bridesmaid, who faces a dilemma when she’s asked to serve on the wedding court for her sister, who happens to be marrying the man with whom she is in love.

Goodbye Baby

This little-seen film features Christine Evangelista as Melissa Brooks, a waitress at a comedy club with aspirations of taking the stage and performing. New York is the backdrop for this underdog tale of love and drama in the heart of the Big Apple.

Baby Mama

Tina Fey is Kate Holbrook, a career-driven single woman, whose biological clock is out of control. She wants a baby, she wants it now, and her body simply will not cooperate. That’s where Amy Poehler comes in, playing a zany surrogate that earns the film its tagline: “Would you put your eggs in THIS basket?”

Though the film centers on the Fey-Poehler relationship, there is an intriguing romance between Kate and Rob Acerkman (Greg Kinnear), an ex-lawyer-turned java-store-owner, and friendly little-guy competitor to Fey’s company, that is somewhat of a crowd pleaser, thanks to strong performances from both stars.

Sex and the City: The Movie

A blockbuster continuation of the modern classic HBO series…sequel talks began almost immediately. The characters are nearly iconic.


Sometimes delightful, sometimes sad, and 100 percent sweet, WALL-E offers romance between an adorable junk-box and a much more advanced flying robot, in an unlikely setting with unique perspectives on our world, and the direction we’re all headed. Deep for animation, yes, but the film’s heart and soul is in its love story.

Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais is an unlikely romantic lead, but he is no less excellent as Bertram Pincus, a people-hating dentist, who is cursed with the ability to see ghosts. Forced on a mission to do good for the restless spirits of New York City, he finds love in the widow of a philandering, yet good-hearted spirit, intent on stopping his wife from remarrying.

Neo Ned

Romance takes a darker tone in this 2005 film (released in 2008) starring Jeremy Renner and Gabrielle Union. Renner is Ned, a mental patient who once traveled with the Aryan Brotherhood. Now confined to an asylum, he sees and begins to fall for Rachael (Union), an African-American woman, who believes she is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Strange concept, captivating results…


Sally Hawkins stars as Poppy Cross in this comedy-drama from writer-director Mike Leigh. Poppy loves life, and hates to see anyone else anything but happy. Her outlook on life is an unrealistic one, but the impact she makes in the lives of those she reaches out to make for some funny and poignant moments in a film where the real romance is with life.

Yes, Man

Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen, a stick in the mud if there ever was one until he discovers “the power of yes” and meets Allison (Zooey Deschanel). After that, his life is never the same, and that’s definitely a good thing!


Stephenie Meyer’s teen vampire romance saga finally landed in theaters at the end of 2008. Hearts have swooned over these bloodsuckers ever since.


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