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Ten Secret Strategies To Improve Your Online Sales Results

  • By R.T. Markovsky
  • Published 03/25/2008
  • Writing for the Web

Here are ten strategies that will work wonders on your online sales results when used for the right situation. 1. The “Feeling Guilty?” Strategy The “don’t purchase our product if you’re going to feel guilty about others struggling to (your product’s benefit)…” strategy tells your prospects that other people will have a harder time gaining their desired benefit without your product. It uses reverse psychology and many people do feel guilty when they are gaining a benefit while others are struggling. 2. The “Valuable Skill” Strategy The “this one skill alone is worth (number) the cost of (your product’s name)…” strategy tells your prospects that your product will give them a skill that will pay for itself. You can relate the payback to money, emotional or physical rewards that they will get. 3. The “They Are Lazy” Strategy The “you’ll (benefit) while your friends just sit on their butts…” strategy tells your prospects that they will be improving their lives with your product while their friends don’t do productive things. It will show them that your product will give meaning and purpose to their lives. You also could be more specific about the non-productive things your friends are doing. For example – partying too much, sleeping in too much, watching TV too much, talking on the phone too much, etc. 4. The “What Problem?” Strategy The “you say you have a (topic) problem? What (topic) problem?…” strategy tells your prospects that your product will make their problem disappear. You could also compare all the different levels of people who decided not to solve their problem. For example, some people may do okay, some will just get by and some will fail, etc. 5. The “Unsaturated” Strategy The “grab the unsaturated resell rights to (your product’s name)…” strategy tells your prospects that your resell rights product isn’t old or outdated and available for sale everywhere else. Most marketers know that highly saturated resell rights products affect their ability to make a profit with them. 6. The “Resell Comparison” Strategy The “compare my resell rights collection with my competition …” strategy tells your prospects that they can go and check out your competitor’s package because yours is way better. You can mention your resell rights collection is always updated with new titles and the products they sell get regularly updated. You can also mention your pack isn’t like those big, old reports packages and e-book packages that are sold all over the Internet. 7. The “Keep This Safe” Strategy The “print this out and read it now…” strategy tells your prospects that your sales letter is important enough to actually print out and read. You could always mention that they will learn so many valuable strategies from it, they should keep it posted on their desk, place it on their bookshelf or keep it locked in their safe. 8. The “1 Minute Application” Strategy The “filling out this (number) minute application could (your product’s benefit)…” strategy tells your prospects that you are accepting applications for people to purchase your product. If it’s a short application, tell them how little time it will take them to fill it out. By adding an application to your selling process, you can say that not all the applications will be accepted, so it will make them really excited to buy if you select them. It’s like they beat out others for the chance to gain their desired benefit. 9. The “Resell Gifts” Strategy The “each person contributed a (resell, master resell or private label) rights product to this package…” strategy tells your prospects that if they purchase your product they will get the big resell package for free. You can tell them they can even add their own resell product to the package. You can tell them this package as a whole is only available to customers of the product you are currently offering. 10. The “Camouflage” Strategy

The “give away or sell this sales report…” strategy tells your prospects that you converted your sales letter to a report format with valuable pieces of information. You could even allow them to brand your sales report so they can earn commissions from it. It will spread your disguised sales letter virally all over the Internet.



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