Ten Unusual Horror Movie Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween if you go out, you see the same old horror movie Halloween costumes. Micheal Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger can only be done so many times before they become a bit tired and boring. If you are heading out for Halloween this holiday season, and you want a great horror movie costume that has not been done to death, then this article is for you. Here are ten unusual Halloween costumes that do not show up that often, and that will likely be unique at any party:


Pinhead is one of the most horrifying movie monsters in history, and he is often overlooked come Halloween. One reason is because recreating that head is no small task. With some patience, however, it can be done with paper and scissors. This Hellraiser bad guy is sure to be a hit at any Halloween costume party.


Like Pinhead, Pumpkinhead is often avoided because of the difficulty in building the suit. What Halloween costume is not worth the time you put into it though? This one is not that hard and countless resources are available to build it. Pumpkinhead will always bring the house down.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

From the old horror movie world, the Creature is a fantastic costume. Start with a simple body suit and then start building the gills, claws and facial mask. If you look hard, you can sometimes find the mask online.

The Howling

The Howling was a very scary movie from back in the eighties, and it is loaded with some great werewolf options. No typical werewolves are found here folks. Watch the movie for some unique ideas and takes on the werewolf genre.


Chucky is somewhat done at Halloween, but is rarely done well. The facial features, and the hair has to be perfect for this one to fly over well. Chucky makes the perfect Halloween costume. If you are looking for a great couple costume….

Bride of Chucky

This is one costume that can easily be turned human with some work. Chucky and Bride of Chucky both do not have to be done in a cartoon like way. They can be human versions of their doll like counterparts. This makes a great Halloween horror movie costume.

Puppet Masters

The horror movie Puppet Masters is absolutely loaded with options as the movie is loaded with killer puppets. Each of these puppets has their very own personality and they are fairly easy to recreate. My personal favorite is Tunneler. Give these a try this Halloween season.


This is yet another costume that people are afraid of yet it is incredibly easy to make. Get some Leprechaun clothes and the hat, and you are halfway there. Then it is simply a matter of making your hands, feet and face disfigured in every way.

Killer Clown From It

What person out there is not afraid of that Clown from Stephen King’s It? This is the easiest thing in the world to recreate, and yet people forget it every year. Throw this one out there for an easy home run.

Town that Dreaded Sundown Phantom Killer

This costume is as easy as it gets, but it is still scary as it can be. A white hood over your head, some jeans and a jacket, and a pick axe are all you need. You might want to carry a fake pick axe by the way.


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