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Tennis Court Hire at La Manga Club

  • By Michael Lee
  • Published 07/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Tennis is not just a competitive sport at La Manga Club for advanced individuals and teams, but it can be enjoyed by anyone staying within the 5 star luxury resort in Spain. Not only are you able to pre-arrange your tennis academy options through us in advance but you are also able to hire tennis courts through us for your holiday to La Manga Club. A great way to spend a sunny morning or afternoon by playing a few matches of tennis from your private hired court. Being able to hire tennis courts for 1 hour lets holidaymakers have the chance to have a competitive match or two. This option is ideal for those who have not booked a lengthy stay at the resort to participate within the academy programmes. Also those who do not wish to play tennis throughout their Spanish holiday are able to play tennis in a more casual fashion.

The option to book tennis court hire in advance allows you to plan in advance the activities you wish to pursue. Tennis at La Manga Club, Spain is a fabulous favourite with the resort home to one of the largest tennis facilities within Europe. Being able to provide holiday tourists with 28 tennis courts. 20 of which are clay match courts including th

e exhibition and the centre court. An additional 4 courts are hard green courts and 4 artificial grass courts made up from Astroturf. The 20 Clay Courts are one of the highlights at La Manga Club and is one of the most important surfaces in the international game. It is deemed a slow surface due to its high looping bounce. The 4 Hard Courts provide a different game as the speed of the ball is faster than on clay and the bounce is noticeably higher. Finally the 4 Artificial Grass Courts are made up of Astroturf where the play is fast due to the ball tends to slip on the surface. Those who desire a cardiovascular workout can make great use of the squash court also found nearby. If you do not fancy tennis or squash, how about taking up padel tennis. This ever increasingly popular game is very easy to learn and practice. With two glass walled courts at the tennis centre, you are able to play this sport all year round.

Alternatively if you are planning on playing additional tennis, it may work out cost effective to pre-book a weekly tennis court hire. If this works out a better choice then we recommend choosing this option. Both 1 hour and weekly tennis court hire options can be booked or if you wish, they can be arranged when you arrive at La Manga Club.



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