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Tennis Tuition at La Manga Club

  • By Michael Lee
  • Published 07/20/2010
  • Article Writing

At La Manga Club you have the great opportunity to take up the extensive 15 hour Adult Tennis Academy course by being taught by experienced tennis professionals. With tennis enthusiasts, players and even tennis clubs staying at La Manga Club, it shows how well established and deemed professional the tennis academy is. Home to one of the largest tennis facilities in Europe, staying at La Manga Club is so much more than a luxury holiday in the sun. Combine it with your favourite sport and you now have the perfect tennis break. Tennis players and professionals will find the latest tennis technology and dedicated academy tuition programmes a great success to soon have your techniques fine tuned to perfection. The La Manga Club Tennis Academy provides an excellent personalised and professional service to all participants throughout the year no matter your level of play is. For the highest standard of coaching, the tennis academy is able to offer this in depth 15 hour tennis programme for adults to firstly understand the basic tennis essentials to then progress through the differentiating skills required for a successful game of tennis. The 15 hours of expert tuition will take you through all major aspects of the game whilst developing your tennis skills throughout the week.

If you are interested in the Tennis Academy and particularly the Adult 15 hour tuition programme, then you are able to book this or any other courses through us at the time of your tennis holiday booking. Once you arrive at the tennis centre you will be graded regarding your tennis ability and skill and p

ut into groups of no larger than six people per tennis professional. Your tennis ability will be similar to others placed into your same group to ensure a great tennis experience on court. With a subject to a minimum of three people, if the minimum is not met in any event, then clients will be offered coaching to the same value. Running every week, this 15 hour adult academy course is ideal for players of all ability. Held from 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday to Friday the academy courses are proving to be a popular choice and are usually fully booked if not prearranged. Within the 15 hour academy course, two hours of professional coaching will be given on court for participants to practice the following tennis techniques and skills: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volley, Service return, Singles and doubles tactics, Smash, Approach shots, Lobs, Drop shots, Topspin / slice and Match play. After the two hours of on court coaching are up, the 15 hour academy course then provides participants with one hour each morning split between the air-conditioned Academy room and on court including: Computer-assisted shot analysis using the latest V1 digital coaching technology, Digital footage of tennis technique and tactics including a Personal player profile. Multilingual tennis coaches provide tuition in the following languages: English, Spanish and German. In addition to the 15 hour adult academy course, participants will be entitled to a complimentary five day gym pass for use at the tennis centre gym.

If you feel the 15 hour tennis academy is not your ideal choice, then you may like to view our additional tennis courses we offer, including: adult 10 hour course and an extensive 25 hour Gold academy course.



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