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Thank You to My Top Referrers!


I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while as a quick way to say thanks to some of my blogging friends that are kind enough to link to the site.  Below are the top ten sites that have sent traffic this way since the beginning of this year.  There are plenty more of you that link to the site in various other ways, and it is all very much appreciated…if you aren’t listed here and there is something I can do to return the favor, don’t hesitate to let me know, that “About/Contact” tab isn’t there because I think it looks pretty. 😉

I’ve also noticed a lot more traffic and conversation over on the Facebook page, so I’m glad to see people conversing and sharing info over there as well.

1.  Pen Addict

2.  The Impulsive Buy

3.  Pretense of Knowledge (Previously The Amateur Economist)

4.  Pencil Revolution

5.  Notebook Stories

6.  Inkophile

7.  Pencil Talk

8.  Stationery Traffic

9.  Economy Pens

10. Ink Nouveau

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