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The advantages and disadvantages of high heels

It¡¯s said that a girl¡¯s thoughts will grow with her heels¡¯ height. It means when a girl grow up, she can¡¯t avoid wearing the high heels. I believe many girls have imitated their mothers wearing the high heels when they were young. High heels tends to stand for girls¡¯ dreaming for maturity. But, is it beneficial for female if they wear high heels everyday? Let¡¯s have a look. the Advantages of High Heels Make Female Higher First and foremost, it¡¯s obvious that high heels makes girls looked higher, which is a common dream of short girls as well as a standard many men require of girls. In order to achieve this target, girls would like to spend a lot of money in it. Receive more charm Besides, according to the traditional criticism, it seems that women are slaves to male ideas. Fashion culture controlled by models leads us to offer our toes and our check books to satisfy some men’s idea of sexy shoes. Apparently, wearing high heels pushes female breasts out by changing their center of gravity, which helps women receive much more female charm. Moreover, small feet are said to be another requirement of men¡¯s idea of sexy. And high heels seems to have this effect. the Function of Protecting Furthermore, wearing high heels can shape female body, making them more elegant. It even can protect and maintain the arch for the reason that it is like the arch cushion, having the function of preventing the muscle and joint from hurting as well as lessening the tiredness when walking. a Good Helper of Decorating Last but not least, high heels can go with most of the clothes, many dresses need high heels to decorate. When wearing high heels, women are so attractive and elegant. And some occasions require women wearing high heels. the Disadvantage of High Heels the Harm to Health On the one hand, high heels will change the center of gravity, changing the pressure point from the whole foot to the sole, then making the sole lose the balance. It¡¯s likely to lead the metatarsophalangeal joints to be out of shape, causing symptoms as fracture of metatarsal and backache, sometimes even affecting walking. What¡¯s worst, the thinner and higher the heel is, the greater the risk of foot and back problems is. If adolescents wear the high heels too early, it will affect the growth of the foot¡¯s bone, and then affect the growth of the pelvis, indirectly affect the fertility. On the other hand, some women insist on wearing high heels on cold days, which will make them get the cold easily. Slow Down the Speed This is a question that can¡¯t be ignored. When wearing high heels, to keep elegant, women can¡¯t walk fast. They must spend more time in walking. Although they are confronted with emergency, they can¡¯t run, or they will get hurt easily. Obviously, we can draw the conclusion that ladies must sacrifice their health if they want to wear high heels everyday. But if they reduce the heel of their high heels, they can kill two birds with one stone.



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