The Advantages of Having an eBay Store

eBay is a popular web site that has been around for years. Over 147 million people are registered users on the site, and for this reason, opening a store on eBay gives you access to a lot of people, which means more potential customers to purchase your inventory.

Unlike listing your items for sale on eBay alone, if you open an eBay Store, you can save a lot of money in fees. General auction-style listings on eBay only last for seven days, and the fees for listing and selling the items are higher than listing them on an eBay store. With an store, eBay only charges $16 a month for setup, and a few cents to list each item. Also, if you list your merchandise in an eBay auction, the price of what you are charged increases if you have multiple items for sale in that listing. On the other hand, if you open a store, you can list multiple items for sale at the same price. For this reason, if you have a large inventory of items, it is better to open a store. You can run the items on a store as long as you want, at a much lower cost to you.

The eBay Store not only gives you an automatic, broader list of customers, you also can generate sales reports and track your inventory. The sales reports are unique in that you can monitor how your business is growing. On the eBay store, you can keep an inventory of items in stock to automatically ship to customers, and the web site will automatically track how many items are left in stock. This tracking system enables you to order more items when your stock is getting low, so that you do not have to track your inventory on your own. This saves you time.

The store also enables you to easily market your store merchandise. You can list your items into categories, and some of your items can even be listed in multiple categories, which will increase the chances of things being seen and sold. You can have up to 20 different categories on your store. The eBay Store also enables you to see how many hits you get on each of your listings, which can help you analyze the reason for items that aren’t selling as well. If something is not getting any hits, you can put it in a different category, or remove the item from your inventory. In addition, you can cross promote your merchandise, as if someone pulls up one of your items, you can have the site list other similar items that customers who like that item also have purchased. This gives the customers a chance to see more of your inventory, and can also upsell them into spending more money at your store.

By opening an eBay store, not only can you reach millions of potential customers, you don’t have to spend a bunch of time and money into the generation of an actual website. eBay has done all the hard work for you by providing the ability to list your items in a professional manner, so you can focus on selling your merchandise rather than the technical details of building and running a website. Thanks to this, and the many tools that the company has developed to help its storefront owners, eBay stores can be a great venue for someone who is looking to start an online business.


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