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The Advantages of Using Storyboards For Animators to Make Films

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 03/15/2010
  • Screenplay

Mapping out the whole concept of your animation can be done easily with Storyboards. Once you’ve finished your initial script, storyboarding your idea is the next phase in the process. By means of planning your cartoon in organized steps, you can previsualize each and every shot, each line of dialogue, and factor in other important elements, such as background and special effects. Traditional storyboarding for animation is really a long winded process that needs customized artwork for each frame. However, technological innovation is turning it into simpler for modern day animators to obtain their ideas onto finished storyboards. Digital software for storyboarding provides built in, quick artwork that creates professional, polished storyboards simple and pleasant. Previously, animators would need to cut out photos or sketches and paste them onto paper, incorporating in written dialogue along with other information about each part of the production. With new storyboard programs, all this tedious job can be done on a computer, without the traditional problems and hassles…

With digital software, you can focus your attention on different parts of your script, dealing with whatever elements you like. The software is made to work w

ith the creative mind, providing ways to prompt and direct your efforts for a cohesive outcome. Storyboard Artist is an in-depth, layered programs, that features everything you need for a rich, dimensional effect! Adding in new characters and tweaking background, voiceovers, and music, are now simpler as clicking a mouse. If you’re tired of storyboarding “by hand”, and want to focus your creative energy on the production itself, storyboarding software can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. If you’re worried about the expense of computer software for storyboarding, rest assured it will pay for itself. Paying for artist services will become unnecessary, which will save you time and money, right from the start. Plus,you will be able to convert your storyboards for easy viewing on the Internet. The best programs offers easy conversion to Flash Media, and the also adjust your storyboards for optimum viewing on an iPhone. If you’re interested in getting clients interested in your animation, creating digital storyboards can send a message of competence and professionalism to animation studios, video game companies, and so many other sources of work and income.

Custom graphics can be done easier with the use of software that integrates with handy tools, and awesome vector drawing tools that allow your personal style to shine through.



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