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The animal watch collection for the ceremony of chopard

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Satire

A New Collection A new collection launched by Chopard is the limited edition featuring diamond animals. The well-established brand always excels in the design of the integration of jewelry of the quality of the ladies. Today, the breakthrough upgrades the vividness to the ladies’ glamor. In the dial pose, different animals equipped with 148 diamonds, however, numerals are not engraved as the attracting point. Monkey Characterized Wrist Watch Taking the monkey starring for example, centers on the mother-of-pearl dial, with 18k rose gold-plated case in quartz caliber, showing the hours, minutes and seconds in three moving diamond in approx. 0.3k, while picking up the peach. Moreover, the background is based on the jungle where he lives in. The screwed-in crown guarantees water resistance to 30m, and inserted with a diamond. 36diamond, in addition, are placed on the bezel, getting along with the silk like strap in gold. Polar Bear and Penguin Style Wrist Watch Both polar bear and penguin star in the collection, one model in white gold in the center is polar bear. The whole sight effect is in accordance with the environment, the white ice world, as well as the strap. The same to penguin, as the fur in black partially, with which the strap goes well. The Theme Of the Collection To make the ever-special design aims not for luxury. The theme of the collection is trying to advocate the awareness of environment protection for the global warming, for the reason is that the rare animals extinct by and by. The robust design achieved again, the balance between the integration of well-known classy and modern quality. It is a doubt whether we can resist the temptation. Wearing on her wrist gleams the diamond harmonies well with the animal, indicating everlasting love, a symbol of renewal and elegance. The elegance to the feature, and the soul, contemporary in style belongs to the ladies in the universe.  Please feel free to drop your comments on the article to let the author know your feeling.


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