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The Article Directory Explained

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 12/22/2008
  • Article Writing

The article directory is used by people wishing to share their insight into a variety of subjects, this can be from their pets and training them to sewing. The list of subjects in an article directory is literally never ending. As long as there is a subject and a writer you will most likely find an article on whichever subject you are interested in, in an article directory. The function of the article directory has a multidimensional role, in that it can be used to host the regular article writers works for people to use and refer to when required. Or it can even be used as a platform for a budding writer wanting to be published in journals or even within the print media.

The article directory can also be used as a marketing tool when one is looking to promote their companys products and services, it forms the basis of a type of information brochure. Although it is not allowed to market your products directly through an article directory, the option of submitting an article to a directory allows one the exposure for the reader to then click through to the companys website. It is recommended that if you are going to use an article directory to submit articles to increase awareness that you do it on a basis of an informative and helpful topic, related to you

r core activities; providing some insight or a solution to a problem, without directly marketing your services to the reader. If you structure and compile your article in the correct and desired format, according to the rules of that article directory, then you have got your foot in the door, so to speak, with that reader. This reader is a potential customer and you would want him to be captivated by the article that was submitted to that specific article directory to entice him or her to follow through to your website, where your sales and conversion skills can be utilised upon that interested or potential buyer. The article directory offers one a very low cost or even opportunity of exposure, and one should not abuse this by ignoring the rules of that specific article directory. Correct submission and valid articles represent a better chance for publication and exposure to new and interested clients.

Using an article directory to host articles that you have written on a personal level also allow the writer to offer insight into their various life experiences and, at times, the emotional descriptions in certain situations. It can be used as a valuable how to guide to people that have not experienced that specific event or situation. This in turn has gone a long way in helping someone else and was merely conducted by submitting an article to an article directory.



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