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The Awakening Visually Chilling and Magnificent

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 01/5/2013

Recently, the British horror film starts to brisk up in the world’s film industry. For example, the quiet well-known English director Nick Murphy has just brought a new appealing horror story –The Awakening – following his horror TV series Afterlife. Undoubtedly, The Awakening is a traditional British ghost tale about a mother and the son. In an isolated village, the fears from all people are fully exposed through the psychology and rational analysis.

Back in 1921, The Awakening happens in Britain after the WWI. At that time, Britain is enveloped in a great sadness because breaking bad dvd box set of the fail in WWI and the large number of casualties. With the rapid development of the modern science, the religion and the idealism in the 19th century are gradually excluded from the modern society. More sorrow need to be appeased, but the traditional way never works no longer.

Florence Cathcart is an expert in exposing the mysteries. But she falls in the unlimited sorrow because of her husband’s death. She has to come to a boarding school and uncover the truth of the student ghost in this sch

ool. She reveals all kinds of transnatural rumor and criticizes the haunted hearsay with the science. This time, she is invited to a boys boarding school, because it is said that a boy becomes a ghost and lives in the school after he died. All the students and parents true blood dvd get into a great panic. Florence Cathcart starts her investigation and collects evidence. Nevertheless, when the truth is going to come out, she gives up all the beliefs she insists after a thrilling encounter. At the same time, an extremely sorrowful journey is going on for her…

Horrific and attractive, The Awakening is great horror movie. Screwy, dark, strange and breathtaking, this film stands out with its excellent visual effect, the sense of sorrow and heaviness two and a half men dvd from the WWI as well as the impressive ambiguity style, although the story is a little bit old. Added many careful details in vision and psychology, everything looks usual in The Awakening is strange actually. It is enough to frighten you that the whole story happens to the little boys in the school. Remember, don’t watch it alone. 


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