The Banana Diet What Is It?


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Weight Issues
Published on 02-19-2009

A new diet has been gaining popularity. This diet is referred to as the banana diet. Yes, you heard right; the banana diet. This is not a diet in which you eat bananas and only bananas each day. Bananas are simply a part of your daily menu. There are actually a variety of versions for this diet. Your neighbor might use one method of the banana diet and your best friend might use another.

Any version of the banana diet, requires you to eat a banana for breakfast. Some people will drink a glass of water along with their banana. The water cannot be cold but rather must be at room temperature. Most forms of the banana diet allow people to eat whatever they want in their lunch and dinner meals (with a few exceptions). In most forms of the banana diet, dieters are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat ice cream and other dietary products. Most other beverages are restricted as well. One interesting fact about the banana diet is that people must drink water at room temperature only. The banana diet usually allows a dieter to eat one sweet during the day. Many versions direct people to stop eating after 8pm.

It is true that the banana diet might help people to lose some weight. It is important to keep in mind that most people only experience a slow weight loss. In addition, it is important to note that since most foods are not limited, the diet is not overly healthy. This is the case if people decide to eat foods high in fat content or with other unhealthy ingredients. Most versions of the diet that you find online do not mention how many calories you should consume each day.

The banana diet says that you do not need to exercise unless this is something you already do or if you want to increase activity. A truly healthy diet with long lasting benefits will require you to start an exercise routine. Of course, anyone can try the banana diet while also implementing an exercise routine.

Many people wonder how the banana diet could possibly work. It helps people who might otherwise consume empty calories in alcoholic beverages since many versions restrict alcohol. People can lose some weight simply from cutting out their drinking of alcoholic drinks over the weekend.

The banana diet limits the amount of sweet foods a person eats. They can begin losing weight as a result of cutting out junk food. As mentioned above, many versions of the diet instruct people not to eat after 8pm in the evening. This allows for digestion of food before going to bed. People often retain pounds by eating too close to bedtime when their body does not have time to properly digest the food.

It is also believed that bananas have a starch that suppresses a person’s appetite. In addition it is thought that the enzymes in a banana will actually boost a person’s metabolism. These factors can help anyone who is attempting to lose weight.


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