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The beautiful hermes kelly handbag

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 04/12/2011
  • Poetry

Hermes is a famous brand throughout the world. At the same time,  being one of the most classic handbags from Hermes, Kelly has firmly  stand in the world because of its timeless shape and gorgeous  craftsmanship. The Kelly bag is named after an actress called Grace  Kelly and a fabulous Kelly bag becomes an essential accessory. As we all  know that Kelly handbags are usually made from crocodile, alligator,  ostrich-skin and plain leather.The  inside of a Kelly handbag is as beautiful as the outside. The handbag  seams are smoothed, dyed and waxed. With a single handheld handle in  matching leather, Hermes Kelly looks chic and elegant.Also  it is one of the symbolic features of Hermes Kelly handbags. Unlike  other famous handbag, the Hermes Kelly is crafted entirely by hand in  several different sizes, leathers and colors. Meanwhile, the most  popular of the Kelly sizes are 28cm, 32cm and 35cm.

Hermes  handb

ag epitomizes luxury, classic and style. Hence, women are crazy  about these Hermes handbags. In addition, the handbags have been spotted  on many well-known celebrities. That’s because the handbag is unique  and appealing to the rich and famous. The leather adn colors of Kelly  handbags are added and dropped from the Hermes collection.All  in all, the Kelly handbag is handmade and produced in limited  quantities. Meanwhile, the Hermes Kelly is a top handle style that you  carry by hand, they are roughly rectangular in shape and function in a  similar way to an envelope. More importantly, there are two styles which  describe the level of structure to a Kelly handbag, that is the Souple  and the Rigide. The Souple is a sofer and less structured style.  However, the Rigide is more structured and formal looking. Needless to  say, no matter which type of Hermes Kelly handbag, it is definitely  fashionable and beautiful. 



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