The Benefits and Side Effects of Fish Oil


Authored by Carol Snider in Nutrition
Published on 12-19-2008

If you are a health fanatic, then you have probably heard about fish oil. Fish oil is considered a dietary supplement which can be taken everyday. It provides the body with fatty acids called Omega-3. This Omega-3 is considered important when it comes to the heart, brain and the nervous system. These fatty acids are the ones helping the body in the production of eicosanoids that is responsible in making the body absorb calcium and other elements. Vitamins supplements is said to be more effective if taken with fish oil. These capsules are tasteless, odorless and easy to shallow.

Fish oil capsule should contain purified fish oil. The oil should come from a fish that didn’t come from polluted water. If you are buying fish oil capsules, it is important that the package got information regarding the purity of fish oil, method of purification, content of EPA and DHA and source of fish. Choose supplements that are made under good manufacturing process.

Before heading toward a pharmacy or health store, there are some things that you need to know about fish oil capsules like its benefits and side effects. Take note that when you buy fish capsules, it is important that it had passed the quality standards. Consult first with your doctor if it is alright for you to take these capsules.

Benefits of Fish Oil

  • Fish oil can help in treating depression problem and attention deficit disorder.
  • Fish oil can protect one from diseases and thus promoting the overall health of a person.
  • Fish oil can actually reduce the person’s chance of getting cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is a good source of protein.
  • It can help lowering cholesterol that are often causing heart related ailments.
  • If you have skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, then fish oil can help you lessen these.
  • It can improve the sugar level in the body.

Side effects of Fish Oil

  • Taking in large doses of Fish oil has negative effect. Fish oils contain high dosage of vitamins. If you take in too much there is a risk that you can get poisoned because of its toxic symptoms. It is advisable to take fish body oil than liver based ones.
  • Fish oil can sometimes cause heavy metal poisoning if you are not careful. There are some fish that contain heavy metal like mercury, nickel and lead. Some species of fish is contaminated with this element so you need to be careful.
  • If you are trying to build muscles then fish oil is not for you. It said to lower arachidonic acid which is said to build muscles and take out the fats. High doses of this oil are not good for muscle building.
  • When taking fish oil, it can minimize the body’s absorption when it comes to nutrients like vitamin D and E. As we all known these vitamins has a lot of positive effects in our body and that includes shielding the body from diseases like cancer.

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