The Benefits of Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant provides many benefits for people who use it medicinally. For this reason, many people choose to grow it in their homes. They may begin to grow it almost as a decoration since it looks so different when compared to other plants.

However, many people soon discover the medical benefits found inside the plant’s fronds. First and foremost, it is all natural when it comes directly from the growing plant. Thus, it contains no additives or preservatives found in other lotions and salves that sometimes cause allergic reactions in humans. People who prefer to live more nature based lives often keep several aloe vera plants so they have greater access to its healing powers.

Aloe vera’s gel found inside the fronds is very soothing to minor cuts and burns due to the fact that it is the world‘s best plant source of Vitamin B 12. It also does not hold in the heat of a burn, as happens when people try folk remedies such as putting butter on it, thus promoting quicker healing, and appears to cool the affected area. Although the gel can feel sticky to some users, it also keeps a bandage from sticking to a cut, thus aiding in the healing of these injuries.

In addition to its healing properties, the Vitamin B 12 found inside the aloe vera plant boosts the immune system’s ability to ward off invading germs. For this reason, vegetarians sometimes consume capsules made from the plant in order to aid their intake of the vitamin. Researchers are currently studying the use of aloe vera as a source for vitamin B 12 in the course of trying to find remedies for such diseases as leukemia, AIDS, and diabetes.

The aloe vera plant has other properties vital to the growth and development of many human systems. It is full of other minerals and nutrients, from Vitamin C to others many people may not have heard of before. Of course, the Vitamin C helps maintain the blood vessels’ elasticity and promote healthy blood flow and aids the adrenal gland, which assists the human body in times of stress by regulating hormones vital to managing the difficulty. Aloe vera extracts also provide the body with amino acids necessary to building the proteins that give muscles a strong tone, and enzymes to help rejuvenate the body and its systems, which show as healthy skin. The unheard of but important nutrient in aloe extract is germanium, a mineral that medical practitioners claim can help with immune, cardiac, eye, and circulatory problems, and help to relieve pain.

Aloe vera juice, some claim, can help cleanse the digestive tract and colon. As such a cleanser, it can bring relief to those suffering peptic ulcers, heartburn, or indigestion. People have also claimed that in juice or capsule form, aloe vera has helped them with such diverse conditions as diverticulitis, arthritis, urinary tract infections, leg cramps, insomnia, constipation, and hemorrhoids, as well as boosting their overall mood in general.


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