The Benefits of Maintaining a Bird Watching Life List

Authored by Gary Eugene in Outdoors
Published on 12-07-2008

The record kept by bird watchers is known as a bird watching life list. Such a list is actually a means of people doing the activity and those also doing studies to keep track of their observations.

Bird watchers are said to be beginners in the bird watching field as they merely start by observing. Gradually though, their interest grows that eventually they want to go deeper and find out more about a birds’ activities.

When just starting out, a journal works just fine to record one’s observations so as not to forget. They write down what they observe with the naked eye and are not scientifically done. The notes that they jot down are quite helpful once they step it up to the next level as a birder.

Birders, on the other hand, are ones who are quite serious and passionate about wanting to know everything about birds. It is not just a hobby, but they actually do studies and compare what they have observed to researches done by scientist.

They are willing to invest on the proper equipment and are up-to-date with the latest technology to help them see things more clearly. Not only do they invest in tools but they are also willing to explore where the birds are just for research and record every single thing that happens during the trip.

Life lists are all the written or electronic data about the bird that have been recorded. Birders look for species, venues of where to check for other kinds of birds, as well as look out for still to be discovered bird types. They compile all facts in a life list.

The information found on the list is the kind of bird spotted, the date it was spotted, and its classification. Taking note of the bird’s normal activities is also included in it. Birders have varied and long lists, showcasing their bird watching history, what they have learned, seen, and done in the name of the craft from the past to the present.

This helps them review their material and make changes on the information they have previously gathered based on what they have further observed. Thus, it is no surprise that the lists made by birders gradually become scientific as more proofs are on hand, should anyone dispute what has been recorded.

A bird watching life list is advantageous since the study of the various bird species is becoming more and more diverse. People may always look up information shared by birders on the list to ensure more accurate findings in future researches.


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