The Best Accessories for Plus Size Fashions


Authored by Abigail Beal in Clothing 
Published on 03-22-2009

Every woman wants to leave the house, knowing that she looks fantastic. The secret to looking great in any outfit is adding accessories. Accessories become especially popular in a troubled economy when women have less money to shop for new wardrobes. They still have money to buy their accessories! Every woman can look better with a few carefully chosen accessories for her “look.” Plus size women can make their outfits look stunning with a few tips especially suited for women of their size. When you learn to find the best accessories, it truly pulls together any outfit in the best ways.

One of the secrets about accessories is that not every accessory is ideal for every woman. So when you see some “hot” trend where everyone is wearing something – you need to decide if this is something that will compliment your style, figure and personality. If it is – then add it to your wardrobe. If not, then let this trend pass you by. No one has to know that you decided to avoid this trend because it doesn’t compliment you – they may simply assume that you don’t like the trend and that you like another trend. The best course of action is to find something else you like quickly and follow that trend and let others start to copy you!

Read women’s fashion magazines to follow the latest trends to decide what you want to follow. Plus size fashion stores often have many accessories for you to select from, and it is up to you to decide exactly what would be best for you. If following fashion’s trends are important, read current women’s fashion magazines to stay up-to-date on the trends. Then decide which styles you like the best before you do your shopping.

Use accessories to compliment your body type. Every woman has a body type. The body types go by shape: circle, pear and apple. The circle is a very round woman, a pear is a woman with a heavier hips and thighs body and the apple woman has a rounder stomach area. Accessories should be chosen to compliment your body type and not to work against it. You want to draw attention away from flaws and towards your best attributes.

Plus size women do best when they select larger bags. Bags are a great accessory that make every outfit look great. A great bag can easily go with so many outfits. You can also find bags at other stores, not just plus size stores. Shoulder bags are often a great choice. Messenger style bags can also be a great option. Looking for larger bags keeps your silhouette in balance. When your bag is much smaller than you are, it creates an odd proportion.

The old “school of thought” about plus size accessories used to be that they had to be large. That every plus sized woman needed plus sized accessories. But some plus sized women do better with daintier accessories. Accessories should compliment your personality. Use your intuition and your “gut feelings” when choosing accessories. What simply feels right when you put together the outfit? You may like smaller jewelry and this may look great on you.

Organize your accessories to go with each outfit. Ideally you should have sets of accessories to go with each outfit. So you should have a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, belt, scarf or other accessories as preferred to go with your outfit. Getting these prepared ahead of time will help you make every outfit look its best.


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