The Best Careers For Working Mothers

Motherhood is more than a full-time job. Many moms also want or need to bring home the bacon. Balancing work and parenthood is tricky. Finding a rewarding career that accommodates your parental obligations can be even trickier.

Finding your ideal career depends largely on your interests and talents. However, the best careers for mothers are those that provide the flexibility to balance the duties and joys of motherhood with the responsibilities of your job. Below are some options for working moms to consider when choosing a career.

Sales Jobs

The sales profession isn’t for everyone. However, if you enjoy interacting with others and are a strong communicator, sales positions are among the best careers for mothers. As payment is often commission-based, sales jobs may allow you to work at your own pace.


Many working moms find their niche in freelancing. Freelancing is an option for those with a variety of skill sets, including writing, editing, computer programming, web development, data entry and graphic design. Accounting, event planning and bookkeeping also lend themselves to freelance arrangements. Because you can often work at home and manage your own schedule as long as you meet deadlines, freelancing is one of the best careers for mothers who also have a knack for networking and marketing their services.

Teaching and Other Work Within School Systems

Work hours in public and private school systems often closely mirror the schedules of your children. Teaching, working as a teacher’s aide, school nurse, guidance counselor or administrative support person for a school are among the best careers for mothers.

Health and Fitness

Are health and fitness your thing? As a personal trainer, fitness instructor or perhaps even a massage therapist, you can take on clients whose schedules work well with your own.

Private Instruction

Do you have knowledge and training in an area in which people seek tutoring? You might be able to make a career out of private instruction. Whether you work as an adult literacy instructor, a math, reading or language tutor for children or adults, or a piano or dance instructor, you can earn an income doing something you enjoy and work around your children’s schedule.

Event-Related Services

From photography to catering, celebrations offer a wide variety of career options for working moms. Since weddings and other events often occur during evenings and weekends, these types of careers work well for mothers who wish to be home with their children during the day and have child care options at other hours.

Other “By Arrangement” Services

The best careers for mothers are often those that let you set your own appointments. Many such careers are in domestic services such as house cleaning and gardening. Others include professions such a real estate, financial services and counseling.

The best career for a working mom ultimately depends on her skills and interests. There are a variety of professions that offer the ability to build a successful career while maintaining the freedom and flexibility to be involved in your children’s lives and meet the many obligations that come with motherhood.


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