The Best Comedies of All Time

It is an argument that happens every time a group of friends gets together, what are the best movies of all time. When there are a few beers involved it quickly becomes what are the funniest movies of all time. Well, let’s see what are the top ten comedies of time. While some movies will make you chuckle, some will flat out have you in hysterics and these are the ones that we will honor here.

You would be hard pressed to do your hair in the morning with out thinking of the memorable “Hair Gel” scene from There is Something About Mary. Ben Stiller played a loveable loser, losing his dream girl to a plethora of men including an NFL great.

Golf, a game to many that can seem tedious and posh was turned upside down in the 80’s smash Caddyshack. It was quite possibility the most quoted movie of all time, as well known for a reckless gopher.

In the 1930’s Frankenstein scared the bejesus out of folks, but when Mel Brooks got a hold of it, audiences were in stitches for a whole different reason. Young Frankenstein took audiences by storm and was even made into a Broadway play.

Mel Brooks would hit gold again with the release of the Hilarious western spoof Blazing Saddles. Brooks’ cowboys were ahead of their time as well was the movie as it crushed society’s politically correct views.

Being stuck on an airplane for hours could ruffle anyone’s feathers, but Airplane the movie will have you seeking oxygen for a whole different reason, the laugh factor. Fans of this movie have repeatedly watched the film and continually repeated the many witty one-liners.

If airplanes are not your thing, what about being stuck on a train with the beautiful Marilyn Monroe? In Some Like it Hot, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis were passengers on a train destined for laughs with Miss Monroe at the helm.

In most cases a little bit of slime would make people quite queasy, but in Ghost Busters, it would have a whole different effect on the audience, the ability to make them laugh. Four men, campy spirits and a mass of ecto-plasma would prove to be the winning combination in this 80’s comedy.

What would a movie be without a toga party? Boring. Animal House had a toga party, fraternity clashes, alcohol and of course, women. It would be one of John Belushi’s most prized roles before his death and well worth the watch.

High school was so memorable for so many of us and even more memorable for the students at Ridgemont high. In Fast times at Ridgemont High, a class of characters, slept through, partied in and ditched class in this hilarious high school comedy.

With the ultimate prize at stake American Pie, pitted for friends against each other to see who would lose their virginity first. Audiences ate it up and the film was a success.

So, gather your friends, watch these greats and start the debate.


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