The Best Community Colleges in Oklahoma

Are you planning on moving to Oklahoma and also thinking of going to school there? Maybe you are already there and really don’t know which community college would work for you. The state of Oklahoma offers to the public a variety of different opportunities to attend an accredited community college.

The most popular of all the community colleges in Oklahoma is Tulsa Community College. It claims to be one of the premier community colleges not just in Oklahoma but the entire nation. Their day, evening, and weekend schedules, combined with low tuition and fees, make them popular for all those wanting to continue their education. It is the biggest two-year college in Oklahoma and it serves around 30,000 students a semester in credit and continuing education classes. Tulsa Community College has four campuses and a conference center throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area. Average tuition is $6,009.

Oklahoma City Community College reigns as the second best community college in the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma City Community College serves as a post secondary school and offers students associate degrees, certificate programs, technical skills training and the ability to take courses that are transferable to a university. Average tuition at Oklahoma City Community College is $4,967.

Although many of the colleges in Oklahoma call themselves “state colleges,” they are not like some of the other state colleges that offer four year programs. The ones that are listed here offer certificate programs and associate degree programs.

Another popular community College is Rose State College, formerly known as Oscar Rose Junior College. Rose State College serves hundreds of military personnel due to its closeness to Tinker Air Force Base. Average tuition is $5,238.

Heritage College of Oklahoma City is not dubbed a community college, but it still offers some of the same things that the other community colleges do. The offer a variety of different certificate programs and associated degree programs. They offer degrees and certificates for health and medical services, arts and humanities, cosmetology, fitness, recreation and leisure studies and technician careers.

Carl Albert State College, formerly known as Poteau Junior College, is yet another two year college that has changed it’s title from community college to state college. But they still offer the same opportunities as all other community colleges with certificate and associate degree programs. The college was recently acknowledged as the sixth quickest growing two-year college in the United States. Average tuition is $2,080.

Eastern Oklahoma State College is popular in Oklahoma partly due to its smaller classes and small city charm. They offer both certificate programs and associate degree programs. Average tuition is $5,559.

Murray State College is a popular but small college that offers three different two year degree programs, one two-year certificate program and three different one year certificate programs. Average tuition is $5,354.

Redlands Community College has a unique feature that most community colleges don’t have and that is they have four apartment buildings and one community building. The apartments have two bathrooms, full kitchen, living room and two or four bedrooms. They offer associated degree programs and other programs that help prepare students for the 21st century. Average tuition is $4,560.


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