The Best Destinations For Saltwater Fishing

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Fishing
Published on 04-07-2009

Most of us have gone fishing at one point of our lives, most likely at a small lake at our parent’s summer home. To some the big catch is in the big sea, as salt-water fishing is considered to have the best fish. Whether it is milkfish, trigger fish or the always-tasty snapper the bet fish may come from the sea.

The first location is Christmas Island or Kiribati it’s abundance of coral atoll make for a beautiful back drop to your fishing experience. Christmas Island is known for some of the best bonefish there is. Besides fishing one can also experience the beautiful coral with a few moments spent scuba diving. The island will also give you the chance to reel in two of the harder fish to reel, the sailfish and the Blue marlin.

Next spot would have to be the magnificent waters of Bermuda. With its underwater sites of wrecks and coral, divers have flocked here for years and anglers have now been calling it a second home as well. The crystal blue waters produce such fish as grouper, king mackerel and tuna. Its waters are ideal for both tackle and fly fisherman.

Mexico is another great spot for the fisherman to go. While one may not want to drink the water when traveling to Mexico, they’ll love the fish that comes from its seas. With such fish as barracuda, jack crevalle, as well snapper; anglers will love the abundance of unique fish.

A bone fisherman’s dream Venezuela offer a great array of bonefish that wont skip out in size. Probably the most renowned spot for fisherman here is the Los Roques, which is a combination of cays and small islands. Besides bonefish both tarpon and barracuda patrol these waters in a variety of different sizes, maxing out at about 100 pounds.

The Republic of Seychelles is quickly becoming known as a great spot for great fish. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and east of Africa its waters are stocked with fish such as bonefish and milkfish. Its waters are a fly fisherman’s dream, calm and peaceful. The record of different species of fish caught by fly fishermen in one week stands at 42!

In the U.S. there are some nice spots that support great weather and great fishing too. In the Florida Keys there is an abundance of sunshine as well as a fine supply of fish such as marlin and mackerel. If fun in the sun is not what you are seeking perhaps a bit of ice fishing will do? Both Michigan and Wisconsin boast some great locations for this chilly method.

Fishing is probably one of the more unique sports an individual can become involved with, as their travels can actually better their sport and lead to new adventures at the same time. For most of us the stroll down to the local lake or pond is great, but to truly experience fishing one must travel.


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