The Best Free Online Gaming Sites

Authored by Sharon Carter in Online Games 
Published on 08-01-2009

Some people like to go out and party when they’re bored. Others like to sit at home and have a Blockbuster night. And then you have those individuals who stay at home glued to their computers playing online games. Here’s a list of free online games, for the die hard gamer in you!

Addicting Games This site contains over a thousand games to choose from. Some of the game categories include: adventure, arcade, strategy, sports and action. Addicting Games even has a naughty section for adults to partake in whenever they’re in ‘the mood’. A new game is added and featured everyday on the site. Addicting Games, definitely lives up to its name. Once you start playing the games on this site, you’ll be hooked for hours.

Second Life
This site is recommended for adults. If you love virtual role playing games, then Second Life is the site for you. Second Life allows you to create a character with a entirely different persona from your own. The site allows you to travel to different virtual places from the comfort of your living room. You can either interact with other users or cruise the site solo. The basic membership is free, but if you want the full experience, you have to pay a fee.

Neopets At first glance, Neopets looks like a children’s site. The site is filled with bright colors and cartoon-like writing. But despite its setup, Neopets is definitely for all ages. Neopets allows you to feed, groom and nurture your own virtual pet. The main way to get goodies and food for your pet is through neopoints. Neopoints is the Neopian version of money. The more games you play, the more neopoints you receive. Even if you don’t want to care for a pet, you can always ignore him or her and play games. Action, adventure, brain busters and puzzles are just some of the available game categories.

Mini Clip Mini Clip isn’t just another free game site. This site takes pride in being different from the rest. Mini Clip has a community of over 45 million game players. The site offers an array of game categories to choose from. There are tons of multi-player, arcade and sports games. Registered users are given their own page to keep track of their game stats. Mini Clip also gives awards to its users for obtaining certain scores. In effort to keep things fresh, Mini Clip releases two new games every week.

Pop Cap Pop Cap is one of the best online game sites around. Not only can you play their games in your browser, but you can also download them too! Downloading games is a great option for those who can’t be connected to the internet 24/7. Zuma, Dynomite, Bejeweled, Chuzzle and Bookworm are some of the classic games that Pop Cap has brought us over the years. Pop Cap doesn’t have a huge assortment of games like its competitors. However, the games they do have are extremely addictive. The graphics for the games alone are enough to entice anyone to play for hours.

If you can’t afford to spend money on board games and game consoles, then these online games are a great substitute. Check out these sites if you’re looking for excitement, fulfillment and fun. These games are just a few clicks away.


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