The Best Golf Gloves Under $10

Does a golf glove help you make a good golf shot? Yes, it does. You just have to get used to wearing one and you will eventually find an improvement in your performance on the golf course. If you’re new to the game, what better way to get started than to slip on an inexpensive pair of glove just to get a feel of things? An obvious choice would be a synthetic glove which you could purchase for under $10.

You could be wondering if a cheap glove could do the job for you. In most cases yes, because how good your shot is does not depend solely on what glove you use, but more on the correct grip you apply to the club.

The function of a golf glove is to provide you with a light, firm grasp so that you can make a good golf swing. Most inexpensive golf gloves can help you get that light, firm grasp on your golf club. They may not last as long but they will still benefit you greatly. For one, they will prevent you from switching the angle of your club face, which in turn will keep you from slicing or hooking the ball when you swing your club.

Here are some golf gloves you could get hold of for under $10:

TourGrip Glove

This is an all-weather glove with leather on the palm area. This glove will offer you the firm grip you would need to make a good swing.

This glove is made of synthetic fabric and offers you the necessary grip no matter what the weather is . The thumb and heel areas where the glove wears out easily are padded with Cabretta leather to make the glove last longer.

At $8.95 (available online from www.mastergrip.com) it’s a great value for the money. What’s more, you also get to choose another glove free.

Colors available range from beige, navy, light blue, black, and white.

Wonder Glove

This glove could also be used under all weather conditions. Its textured fabric affords you a sure and firm grip even in rainy weather.

It also doesn’t burden you in terms weight. It’s so light that you won’t even realize that you are wearing a glove. What’s more, it’s machine washable and maintains its softness for a long time. It’s available for $6.45 at mastergrip.com.

Nike Dura Feel Glove – Ladies

Available at golfcow.com for $6.15 this synthetic leather glove comes with a premium-quality Cabretta palm patch which is durable and gives you a nice feel with its pre-curved finger design and appropriate perforations that prevent leather bunching. The design also provides excellent comfort. It also comes with a customized fitting system that suits hands of all shapes and sizes.

Mizuno Retroflex Golf Glove

This glove comes with a leather finish treated with Hydro-Carbon tanning. It is durable and repels water well. It has a soft touch feel and a 3-D curved pattern which provides the user with a tight and comfortable grip. Mizuno Retroflex is available at golfballs.com for $7.95 or you could order it through Amazon for the same price.


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