The Best Golf Shoes on the Market


Authored by Emeka Justice in Golf
Published on 04-09-2009

Choosing the right gear for golf is very important if you want to play a great game. One of the most important pieces of golf gear is the golf shoe. You will want something that can dig into the grass so that you have a firm foot hold; it’s hard to say which shoe is the best golf shoe available but there are a few things that your shoe should have in order to make your golfing experience the best it can be.


Some golfers like their golf shoes to be waterproof in case of rain, stepping in puddles, or if there is water on the course. No one likes wet feet, especially when you are golfing, so make sure the shoes you purchase are waterproof. Not everyone will be willing to spend a little extra money to make sure their feet don’t get wet, but waterproof golf shoes are still a good idea because it could affect your game.


All golf shoes are studded but the studs on each brand of shoe differ; with metal spikes on your golf shoes you will be able to grip better, have better balance, and this will lead to a much better shot. Keep in mind that metal studs tend to rip up the greens while you are golfing; golfers that come after you may have their balls snagged in divots made by your shoe.

Professional golfers prefer rubber studded shoes because they say that there is no difference in balance between metal and rubber studs. Rubber studs make little to no damage to the green and this leads to less frustration for other golfers.


If you are wearing a shoe that is too small, too big, uncomfortable or that hurt your feet in any way, it will greatly affect your golf score. Try on your golf shoe before you buy it, and walk around in it a bit. You will need to make sure it fits perfectly, try a few golf poses and see if the different movements feel comfortable and natural.


Unfortunately if you want an excellent pair of golf shoes, you will have to be willing to pay the price for them. The more you spend the better the shoe is going to be; if you play a lot of golf then you will want to invest in a more expensive pair of shoes. Most golfers walk several miles in a just one golf season and it is important to have a shoe that is comfortable and wont destroy your feet while you walk in them.

It is important to have the right pair of golf shoes if you want to have a good golfing experience. Good golf shoes will lead to better grip, better balance, and a better score. You may have to pay more for the right type of golf shoe but it will be well worth it when you are walking on the green and when you are swinging as well.


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